Sweet Siblings

One of the most-asked questions I’ve had since we became a family of five is how Mitchell and Julia are adjusting to having a little sister! When we brought Julia home, we had the same question asked. I could honestly say that Mitchell wasn’t phased by her at all. He was just 18 months old, and since he was our late bloomer in the toddler milestones, it was almost as if he didn’t notice her. He had zero interest in holding her, and only occasionally pointed out the “day-dee” (baby) in conversation. That changed eventually when she became exciting enough to play with, and now they’re practically inseparable and constantly looking out for each other. The age gap is bit bigger this time (26 months after Julia), and Julia is anything but a late bloomer, so we’ve got two toddler/kids in the house that are very aware a new sister is here! 

We talked to them about the new baby while I was pregnant, but I wasn’t sure either of them quite grasped the concept. Sure, they knew that Mommy was h.u.g.e. And they could tell me that there was a baby in Mommy’s tummy. Mitchell was convinced it was a sister, and by the end of the pregnancy, he’d ask me over and over again if it was time for Mommy to “pop.” Ha! I don’t think we could introduce the concept as well not knowing the gender or name until she was here. But since Aubrey has been home, both kids have fallen in love with her, in ways so very true to their personalities. 

We’ll start with Julia. She is our wild child. Julia does what Julia wants. She’s 1000% independent and headstrong and free willed. Her crazy hair matches her personality. She’s too smart for her own good sometimes, and caught us a little off-guard after Mitchell was so easy. She has us in fits of laughter over and over throughout the day because she is just SO funny. She speaks very matter-of-factly and we have no concerns of any self-confidence issues in the future. She claimed ownership of Aubrey pretty darn quickly. She is fast to tell everyone about, “my Aubrey Jean,” and when Mitchell gently corrects her that it’s, “erry-one’s Aubrey Jean,” she not-so-gently tells him he is wrong. She loves to hold her, and I do my best to set aside times throughout the day where she can sit on the couch and snuggle her sister. She’s (thankfully) become noticeably more gentle with Aubrey. She loves giving her a pacifier. We’re using the soothie pacifier now where you can put your finger inside, and Julia is fascinated by it. It fills up Julia’s love tank to be a helper, and she’s more than willing to fetch some wipes or toss a dirty diaper in the trash. She loves her baby sister with all of her rough-and-tumble heart, and I am already predicting that Aubrey is going to have no choice but to be Julia’s little shadow and playmate, required to do whatever our boss baby wants, in a few short years. My heart is overjoyed for them to have a sister so close in age, but I won’t be leaving Julia alone in a room with Aubrey anytime soon. Julia and her independent heart just might try to change her diaper solo, and Aubrey isn’t quite ready for that yet. 😉

We’re not in the crib yet, but I couldn’t help but get some sweet shots in there. I just love her little space! 

Onto Mitchell. My sweet, sweet boy. Mitchell already understood the big brother concept with Julia, and now he’ll tell you he has two sisters! “Ju-ju Bean and Aubrey Jean.” Mitchell is equally eager to hold his sweet little sister throughout the day, but takes such a loving and gentle approach. I tell you, Julia’s future husband is in for a crazy fun wild ride and Mitchell’s future wife will have the most thoughtful and caring partner. I’m calling it now. Mitchell talks to Aubrey in the sweetest high-pitched little voice and tells her, “You’re my sister… Hush, hush… Go to sleep baby… I’m you’re big brother.” When she cries, he makes sure I know she needs help and rushes over to soothe her. Talk about my heart just melting into a pile of mush right there. He is intentionally the middle carseat, because I know that he won’t poke her in the eye or try to play patty-cake with her face, like our middle child most certainly would. I can’t imagine not having Mitchell as my first baby. He’ll always be my sweet little boy no matter how big he gets. And he’s getting pretty darn big these days. 

It’s going to be so fun to see Aubrey’s personality develop over the next few years and see where she fits into the Martin family circus! We’re not quite sure what this puzzle piece will look like in the years to come, but we are so sure that this fifth piece fits right in!  

I’m sure there will be many hilarious stories to come as Mitchell and Julia welcome Aubrey Jean into their little redheaded tribe. For now, we’re just amazed as we sit back and watch the story of these sweet siblings unfold. 

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