Born To Be Me

Several weeks ago I spent my weekday off work (I only work four days a week) with Julia. Since Mitchell is getting old enough to have activities and has had a lot of extra doctors appointments (ENT/speech/etc.) thrown in, he often seems to be the one that gets the one-on-one attention. I can’t let my little spunky girl be forgotten, so we had a day full of shopping for girls only. (And it really was all girls now that we know we were growing a girl in my belly!) As we were browsing through Old Navy, I came across this shirt, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a piece of clothing that fit her personality any better. It was in my cart in two seconds flat, and now I’m kind of wishing I bought another a few sizes up. As soon as Steve saw it, he just laughed at how perfect it was. Julia was certainly born to be Julia, and we wouldn’t have her any other way. I just knew I’d have to sneak her out to get some pictures in the shirt at some point. So this week after she “helped” me cut the grass in her very favorite cowgirl boots, we ventured to the field behind our house so I could get those pictures. 

Our lives would not be the same, or nearly as fun, without this spunky girl of ours. We love you and all of your craziness, JuJuBean! 

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