Baby Chicks and Easter Prep

It’s Good Friday and Jesus’ sacrifice is more present in our minds today than ever. How rich I feel with all the gift of eternal life, which ultimately came from Him. Jesus defeated death. Our big kids will tell you that Easter is the day Jesus saved us. We get to live in awe of the glory of God forever. These lives we are living are just the tip of an iceberg, and I’m just amazed by it every day. And God still has so, so much more in store. So this weekend, we celebrate! And as if Easter in itself wasn’t good enough, we get to celebrate with some amazing people this weekend. A church service with some pretty amazing families we’ve met along our North Carolina adventure – and my mom! What a blessing it is to have family around for the holidays. And if that wasn’t enough, we’re mid-planning for a last minute Easter party we’re throwing with a few amazing families from our bible study. So this Good Friday, you can find us on a grandma/mom/Aubrey date shopping for the festivities! 

Why do kids make everything SO much more fun? Last week one of our neighbor families told me she thought of me because she had a whole bunch of baby chicks and knew I’d want to take pictures. I immediately said yes, after she assured me that Mitchell and Julia couldn’t hurt them, and they’d survived a week with her four kids and an elementary school classroom. When I told the hubby, his first question was why she had baby chicks. Only then did I realize that I didn’t question why she had chicks. Turns out she facilitates a class project for her kids’ classrooms, where they watch the chicks hatch and then she brings them to her mom’s farm over spring break! So of course, we planned the grand meeting of the Martin kids and the baby chicks. They LOVED it. So thankful she thought of us!

Mitchell, was all about holding the sweet little chicks. 

And this was Julia’s face when she saw them come out!

On that note, the big kids are off to school for the afternoon while us girls do the shopping, now that they’re big and smart enough to catch on to Mommy & Grandma’s surprises! I’ll be back with more about Easter Sunday, but we are off to enjoy one of our favorite weekends of the year! 

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