Easter 2017

Better late than never, right? The blog is backkkkkk (sorry for the brief radio silence). I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have had any time to write even if I wanted to. We have been a whole new level of busy lately! We spent this Easter here at our home in North Carolina. We had exactly zero plans on the Thursday before Good Friday until about 9:30 at night when a few stragglers from my bible study were sitting around on my couch chatting putting off going back to the reality of laundry and dishes. Somehow the topic of Easter plans came up and we all realized none of us had anything going on but all really wanted to plan something! A quick text to another friend to find out her husband was gone for training and she also had no plans… and by that time the event was set and we were hosting a fun little Easter here at the house! Since my mom was in town still staying at the beach, we spent our Good Friday rounding up Easter baskets for the kids at Target, grocery shopping for an Easter dinner, and stuffing eggs for a fun backyard hunt! Before we knew it, it was Sunday and we were kicking off the holiday with a celebration service at our church!

I really love the friends we have made here in North Carolina!

Julia was happy to bring her favorite stuffed bunny lovingly named “Bunny Foo Foo” to church with her! 

After church it was naptime for these crazy kids, so we could start the cooking and the Easter Bunny could make his appearance! 

It’s so rare when we get to fill this table up with friends and family – and this holiday we got to do it! It’s so fun to get out the “fancy” napkins and set the table up nice! What a blessing it was to host this holiday!

The Easter Bunny put his final touches on the Easter Baskets, bunny ears and all.

My mom went a little crazy shopping earlier in the week and needed her own baskets 

Before we knew it, our friends showed up and we were hunting away!

These two little girls have some BIG personalities and I just love them together! I really don’t know what we’d do without our bible study friends! 

After the hunt and we made sure there was no chocolates left to melt in the backyard (can’t let those go to waste!), we fixed up supper and had a delicious meal! Mitchell had a pretty cute date at the kids’ table. 🙂

That about wraps up our Easter… only a month late, ha! I am so, so thankful for our military friends here in North Carolina that make this place truly feel like home. We are also so grateful my mom was in town to celebrate the holiday with us! More outdated updates to come, not to worry. Once I get five minutes of my little people not needing something and maybe a whole four hours of consecutive sleep. A girl can dream. 😉

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