Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was the b.e.s.t. A whole lot of factors played into that, but we can just start with the fact that this is the face we woke up to. Tell me she isn’t the sweetest. We hadn’t seen the hubby in a few weeks due to some training he was away for, which is why we booked it to Kansas to squeeze in a visit before I go back to work. While we had a blast visiting my hometown, there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. We planned it so we arrived home on the last day of the hubby’s training, even though we got home pretty darn late because this girl actually let us sleep in at our hotel in Nashville the night before! We arrived home safe and sound Friday night and all promptly went to sleep. The car has been progressively unpacked over the weekend, and if I’m being honest, the storage box on top of the car has barely been touched. That’s my project for this Monday morning! This girl and I were up and ready to go for an early 8:10 Saturday morning doctors appointment because she picked up a cough while we were in Kansas. We have no idea the source of the cough, but wanted to get it checked out as soon as we could. A little sidenote to say we are so, so thankful to Camp Lejeune’s beautiful pediatric facility and seven-day-a-week appointments. While we probably won’t see our PCM on the weekends, there is always a doctor available when a kid picks up an end of the week bug and I’m calling on Friday afternoon to make an appointment. Such a blessing. And while I certainly won’t call Aubrey’s cough a blessing, it did give us the opportunity to see a new doctor we hadn’t met before, and who I fell in love with in our 15 minutes with her. Since we recently said goodbye to the pediatrician we loved (military life means even the doctors move/deploy frequently!), we were on the hunt for a new provider here on base and this Saturday we found her. One of our friends already uses her and all the good things she’s said about her are true! She was personally calling in the afternoon to check on our Aubrey girl and see how she was doing! Finding someone who will do this in the military medicine world is rare, so we are happy to have found our new doctor! We made a pit stop at a few of our friends’ with girls garage sales on the way home and snagged a whole lot of cute girls clothes for almost no money. By 9:00 the neighborhood was nuts for the garage sales, so we booked it home.

To do a whole lot of couch sitting. 

We spent Saturday afternoon right back to our normal routine… swim lessons and naps. 

Nobody wanted to let go of this guy. 

Saturday night was a whole lot more couch sitting and pizza and catching up on sleep for everyone. Right up until Sunday morning when we made it back to church with our friends after two weeks away! I sure missed grabbing the hubby’s hand during the service and having his help in the Sunday School drop-off/pick-up madness. 

Then it was a muuuuch needed trip to the grocery store because we had zero fresh food after the house was empty for two weeks! 

And then some much-needed garage cleaning. Between the military gear explosion and halfway unpacked road trip car that didn’t go past the garage, I think our garage may have taken the ticket for messiest garage on the block – even on garage sale weekend and we weren’t having a garage sale!

Aubrey caught up on all her missed Daddy snuggles and the big kids kept themselves entertained around the house. 

Us girls soaked up some sunshine after two weeks of Kansas cold and rain. 

And I finished up the evening cleaning the kitchen and cooking up a meal (complete with brownies), catching up on Hulu with the hubby, finishing up some pictures and blogging, snuggling babies, and tucking three sweet little souls into their beds. It was the most relaxed weekend and left us feeling ready for the week! I jumped a little ahead for a day, but the blog will be back to it’s regularly scheduled March/April-catch-up posts tomorrow! 🙂 Happy Monday!

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