Baby Favorites – Month One

With month one with baby three behind us just like that, I’m recapping my favorite baby gear for that first month! This post is not sponsored in any way – so I promise these are real recommendations if you are in the market for baby gear! Goodness, babies come with a whole bunch of stuff and for the sake of saving space and money, I’ve tried to keep around only what we really use and give away the rest. With a heart set on more children, we asked for gender neutral baby gear when we were pregnant with Mitchell. And boy, am I glad we did because that crossed off several big ticket items when his sisters showed up a few short years later! Each product is linked below, and read on to see why I love each of them and how we use them!

iPhone Flashlight 

Sleeping situation… We are on our third Graco Pack&Play, and not because they aren’t good quality. Because we use them just that much. Between moving three times and living in temporary quarters and traveling to see family and three kids, they’ve been used and abused. I swear by the Pack&Plays with the raised basinet option, because this is what we use at our bedside for newborn sleeping. They are safe and flat and make for an easy transition to the crib once we have the sleep schedule under our belts. They pack up and travel easily. I’ve never had one with all the bells and whistles of the diaper changer and music player and so on, and really don’t see the need for it or need to pay the extra money. Just the basic old Graco Pack&Play (with the basinet!). The accessory I love for it is the quilted sheet. It’s enough to give the mattress a little padding, gives a little more subtle look when you have it in your bedroom for a few months, and comes off easily to toss in the wash and throw back on a little later. I’ve washed that thing at least 50 times and it has no signs of wear and tear despite some serious use. (Aubrey is laying on it in these pictures). She is currently sleeping in the SwaddleMe wraps (sized for 0-3 months). At six weeks, she has slept in it every night since she was born. They are super easy to put on (once you have them figured out but it’s not hard) and keep her swaddled up the entire night! I swaddled with regular receiving blankets with the big kids and they were always breaking out of it, and I wish I would have discovered these sooner! They’re holding up like champs in the wash and they come in all sorts of cute patterns! I would definitely buy the 2-3 pack so you can have one in the wash and another to use. Who has time to do laundry in a timely manner with a newborn? #notme Aubrey is also using the basic Soothie pacifiers. This month I am on the hunt for a pacifier leash to use throughout the day. We have a little trouble keeping them in her mouth without holding them there for her, but Google answers tell me this will get better with the months to come, and Google knows all, right? Ha! She is really comforted by them so we are sticking with them for now, but may change up brands to see if others work any better. 

Onto travel. For a stroller, we are using our Double BOB that we got for the big kids after Julia was born. I love this stroller, and two years later, it’s holding up like a champ. We use it several days a week. With Julia I only bought the double snack tray (so I couldn’t use it with a carseat) and made it work/waited until she was older to use it, but this round I splurged on the car seat adaptor. So. Glad. I. Did. This is really the best stroller, and while it’s not the best for indoor shopping or tight spaces, it does fit through any standard doorway and I take it pretty much everywhere. It does take up quite a bit of space in our trunk, but luckily their carseats fit three across so we have no need for the third row seating at the moment. Onto carseats. We’re using the Graco Nautilus for the big kids and the Graco Click Connect 35 for Aubrey. This is the same car seat we had for Julia and I loved it. Plain, simple, easy to use. The only must-have accessory I would add to the carseat is a cover like the Covered Goods one I have linked above. I have used it non-stop since we had Aubrey, both as a carseat cover and nursing cover. It can triple as a shopping cart cover, but I don’t forsee myself using it for that just because of all the germs, and then putting it on the baby’s face, but pretty cool that it can do all three. In full disclosure, some of the seams are starting to come unraveled after a month of use, so if I end up having to replace it I might try the milk snob brand instead. Definitely not a need, but I’m loving the cotton muslin swaddles to toss on top of her in the carseat to keep her cozy. They’re pretty lightweight too, for the summer months coming up, and the summer poppy pattern up above just makes her look so pretty!

Around the house, it’s so handy to have our trusty old swing and bouncer. The bouncer shows no sign of slowing down despite being on its third baby, except for the reinforced straps I sewed on before Aubrey’s arrival thanks to one German Shepherd puppy (Loki). As of this week the swing is a little bit on the fritz, so we’re crossing our fingers that it lasts for a few more months. But we use this thing A LOT. We keep the swing in the living room downstairs, and the bouncer in our room. The bouncer gets lugged around upstairs so we can keep her with us when we’re showering, folding laundry, getting the big kids dressed, cleaning, etc. Definitely nice to have a place to set her down upstairs that isn’t her crib and completely flat. I learned about the Medela app from a blogger friend (Chelsea!) who wrote a similar post a few weeks ago. It was SO convenient to use in the first month of Aubrey’s life to track all of her feeding and diaper changes. I stopped using it after about a month now that we have a routine down and she’s steadily gaining weight, but it was nice to go back to it to keep track of everything. And the iPhone flashlight – how did mothers survive without this? A lifesaver during those midnight diaper changes and feedings. 

I was talking with a friend recently who is pregnant with her first (SO exciting!!!), and she was saying she didn’t even know where to start with her registry. So, if that’s you, three babies later, this is where I would start if I was starting over again! Oh, and we swear by Pampers wipes (so much softer than Huggies!) and Pampers Swaddlers (never leak three babies later). As much as I’d love to try out the Honest Diapers, I just can’t justify the price difference to put cute little strawberries on a baby’s butt. There you have it! Anything I missed? Happy Wednesday!

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