March Photo Dump

Since we’re nearly halfway through May, it seemed like a good time to go ahead and sort through our March pictures. My favorite month of the year, no competition. The month our third sweet baby decided to come out and play. But we’ll start at the beginning. The weather was all over the map this March. We went from short sleeves to snow pants and back to shorts at the park. Julia got to rock her winter hat for a little longer this year! And we covered up our kitchen table with paper and colored our little hearts out for a few weeks. 

I can’t stand not taking 27 pictures of them together a day. Look at them, can you blame me? 

Post-bath-pictures and Julia ready-as-always to copy Mitchell’s every move. She may drive that boy nuts, but she sure wants to do everything he does. They may be eighteen months apart, but she can’t stand to be more than 18 inches behind him at all times. 

Oh, how typical for Julia. This girl can turn on the pout like nobody’s business. She was mad at my dad for some reason or another. He bought her cookies at the gas station, which she flat refused to touch while he was in the car. More willpower than I have – she sat there and stared at them for the 30 minute drive. Then, as soon as we left Pop Pop at the beach, she perked right up and ate up all of the cookies. I couldn’t believe it. She’s too smart (and stubborn) for her own good. 

Mitchell missed some Saturday Swim School with soccer season, but a few rainouts let us squeeze a few in! We are so proud of how far this sweet boy has come in his swimming! 

Speaking of soccer season, it’s pretty tiring playing sports and sometimes a boy just needs to nap on the couch with his blankie and his dog. 

And sometimes after practice he’s ready to help shop for groceries. If I recall correctly, we were on a (very pregnant) mission for tuna noodle salad supplies to bring to bible study the next night. 

Halfway through March, Grandma and Grandpa Brim came to visit us in North Carolina! They made a stop here on the way home from Quantico, where my dad graduated the FBI National Academy! I really wanted to go to the graduation, but I was also really, really pregnant. And though I would have technically been right on another Marine Corps Base to deliver, I really didn’t want to birth another baby husband-less. So home we stayed, awaiting their visit! 

We made sure to celebrate Pop Pop’s big accomplishment with his favorite, a cookie cake! Complete with germy little toddler hands trying to sneak some frosting. 

I am so, so in love with this girl and all of her personality. She loves those cowgirl boots and her “piggies” (pigtails), and putting on her backpack with zero help from mommy. Such her own little person and I love every bit of it. 

Matching Holderness School shirts, Apple Jacks for breakfast, and cartoons make for a perfect lazy morning!

We all got a little antsy waiting for Baby Aubrey to show up. 

Time with this guy was few and far between in March, but he was doing pretty awesome at some pretty awesome things, and we loved him up when we could. 

Baby Aubrey got reeeeeally big and we were still playing the Boy/Girl Guessing Game. Now I can’t even imagine her being a boy. 

By 38 weeks pregnant, I was real big and real lazy. When Daddy was away, this sweet girl crawled in bed with me when she woke up for morning princess stories. I stuck it out at work and worked right up until the day I delivered. 

I took some walks with my big boy to try to speed up labor. On this particular walk, we were feeding ducks in between contractions, ha! Skies like this are such a beautiful reminder of how much I love where we call home. 

Then, Grandma Martin showed up. We didn’t have any idea, but exactly six hours from the time I took this picture, Baby Aubrey and I were getting admitted to the hospital for delivery! What luck that Grandma Martin arrived just in time to save us from calling a midnight sitter to watch the big kids! Especially since our sitters were both in Texas for one of their weddings! If you’re looking for a super sweet military spouse blogger to follow that we just love to pieces, check out Katy’s blog here

Then, this little girl full of red hair showed up and stole our hearts in about .2 seconds. Our blog announcement HERE and her birth story HERE! Oh, and that little outfit was Julia’s. Time is such a thief! I want these babies to stay little forever!

Grandma Brim had to head back to Kansas a few days earlier but we were thrilled that Pop-Pop was still here to meet her in the hospital! More on why we were so excited for him, of all people, to be one of the first to meet her tomorrow. 

He had to leave a few days later but loved up on her while he was here!

New baby means taking over our bedroom. How sweet it is to roll over and see them sleeping in the basinet for those first few months! We had the big kids’ bouncer out and ready for her just in time!

We realized our Pack&Play was missing the raised basinet after we got her home, so we quickly Amazon-Primed a new one so I could just roll over and give her the pacifier instead of getting all the way out of bed every time she needed something! Pack&Plays are a MUST HAVE around here. Aubrey and I spent pretty much all of her first two weeks in that recliner in the corner of that picture. 

I looked out that window there one day and saw this. These kids are so lucky to have a grandma that loves them so much! 

Aubrey’s very first check-up was three days after she was born. We made it a post-church trip as a family of five! One of the very first pictures of these three sweet siblings together! 

And so began filling my phone storage with hundreds of pictures all day long of every single little cute thing she did. Can’t get enough of those baby yawns! 

Aubrey’s due date showed up, and so did our dear friend Rachel! We’ve done life together since fifth grade, so it was only fitting to have her here to be a part of this. We went shopping for Baby Aubrey and she spoiled her to pieces! 

In true Rachel fashion, she came with Georgetown Cupcakes – pink for baby girl!

Mitchell and I wanted to show Rachel all the North Carolina spots, including the beach! 

Julia stayed at home with a one-on-one date with Grandma Martin, while Rachel, Mitchell, Aubrey and I snuck down to my parent’s little beach place for a quiet night of pizza and chatting and cupcakes! Mitchell fell asleep to the third round of Finding Nemo, and we caught up all things married life and work and babies! Since when did we get so grown up?!

Woke up to Rachel and Mitchell looking for dolphins on the horizon!

He stole snuggles every chance he could and I’m pretty sure he had her read every shark book in the whole place. 

After Rachel left, Grandpa Martin arrived! We were so excited for him to meet his newest grandbaby, and somehow I completely failed to get any other pictures than this. I’ll blame it on the mom brain. 

I think this fills in the gaps for March! Moving onto April soon, but first, its a family Friday night in the Martin household. The hubby should be home soon, and I’m counting on our usual pizza and a movie tradition! And, I’m really, really excited about tomorrow’s post – all about how Aubrey Jean got her name! Such a special story for our family. Stay tuned!

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