Aubrey’s Mother’s Day Dedication

This family of mine and this special, special day has my heart bursting with joy! It’s so, so fun to be blessed by this family on a day to celebrate momma’s (more on that tomorrow!), but even more meaningful to me than Mother’s Day, we dedicated our sweet Aubrey girl at our church! If you missed it, my last post was all about how we chose Aubrey Jean’s name and what it means to our family! 

Essentially, what a dedication is for us is an opportunity to publicly profess our desire to raise Aubrey in a loving, Godly home. To let our hearts for Christ be examples to her, showing her the perfect love her Heavenly Father has for her. And because we are only human and so far from perfect, we asked for help from the church, but most importantly God, to help us in our journey of parenthood! 

A quick front porch picture of the five of us and we were off to church!

Each family had the opportunity to introduce themselves. What struck me the most is the very first two fathers who introduced themselves expressed how grateful they were to be there for that moment, because they were both deployed and missed the birth of their babies. Judging by the haircuts on stage, every single baby dedicated in that service was a Marine Corps (or Navy!) baby. On a day about the mommas, all my heart could do was think about the sacrifices these fathers make to keep our country safe and take care of their families. We’ve been there – four years ago next month, my husband was receiving the news of his very first son in Afghanistan, expected to be ready to join back in combat at any moment. This military community really is something special and I am so proud of my husband and all he has done to make us a part of it. 

This is what we officially affirmed to the congregation!

To receive our daughter with gratitude, as Gods gift to us and our family.

To create a stable environment in which our daughter can grow into the likeness of God.

To daily honor our marriage covenant and vows. To recognize our marriage relationship can increase our daughter’s understanding of God’s love for her.

To be parents of personal faith, recognizing our children are more likely to follow Gods path by the model they first observe in us. 

To lead a faith-filled home that honors God in all our relationships and in the choices we make.

To be parents that model faith by being actively involved in the local church.

To be parents with patience, and recognize that with our inherent strengths and weaknesses, our desire to shape our daughter is a loving act that will require time, prayer, and God in order to produce in our children what He and we hope for.

This is a day I will hold dear to my heart for the rest of my mommy years! 

I was humbled by how many of our friends were there on Mother’s Day to celebrate with us! We missed pictures with a whole bunch, but Meredith, Angel, Holley, Miranda, and even my boss from work – thank you so much for being there! A few of our friends even came just for the ceremony before they went to their churches for their regular service. How blessed are we that they came just to be a part of it? This family right here is the best – meet the Beards! Fitting, since that is the name of her military spouse blog! Our husbands have been to Afghanistan twice together, they’re neighbors, but best of all – friends! It was their sweet girl Addison’s first birthday (on Mother’s Day, too!). We headed to the beach together after church with so much to celebrate!

These girls have been so much to our family! First, babysitters that got me through our most recent deployment juggling mommy-ing and working. They picked up Mitchell and took him to speech therapy during the week. They came over to the house in the wee hours of the night when I got called into work at 2:00am. We fell in love with their sweet little families, and they became fast friends (that make me feel a little old!).  The girl on the right is another fellow military spouse blogger (her blog HERE – one of my very faves!), dog mommas, and talented budding photographers! They have hearts of gold, and I was so grateful they came to the early service instead of their usual and took all of these pictures for us to treasure forever! We’re so, so sad that they’re moving in the next few months. They have the biggest hearts of gold and I can’t wait to see where their next few years take them! 

And because it was Mother’s Day and the hubby letting me take as many family pictures as I wanted (my love language!), one more to end the celebration of Aubrey girl! 

But of course, a little real life snap for ya. 

My heart was singing with sentimental joy knowing that we were standing in the very same spot two years ago dedicating our first red-headed daughter to our Heavenly Father. What a blessing to spend two Mother’s Day doing this as a family only two years apart. We are blessed so far beyond what we deserve! At Julia’s dedication, we had no idea what was to come for us with that crazy middle child of ours. She fills up our house with so much personality, and even as I type this, I sit here watching her with that curly hair in a ponytail under a big bow, her blue glasses that she picked this morning (I always ask her if she wants pink or blue!), smothering her sweet little sister in the bouncer with love. I’m so excited to see who these three babies of ours grow to be in the coming years, so long as every moment passes as slowly as possible. Especially the sleeping ones for my sake, ha! Please join us in praying for these children to know the love that God has for them, and also for our sanity raising these three little people three and under! 

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