Mother’s Day 2017

Mother’s Day this year was jam-packed with so much fun that I’m spreading it out in two posts. (We kicked of the morning with Aubrey’s dedication at our church!). After church wrapped up, we wrangled our crazy kids into their carseats, headed home, dug out the swimsuits, and packed up everything to head to the beach on base! We swung through the gas station on the way (8 miles to empty – it’s been a crazy busy week and I hadn’t gotten any gas, whoops!), filled up the tank, and grabbed ice for the cooler and subs for lunch!

We can’t all fit in the Jeep anymore, sadly. Here’s our family selfie while we were waiting for the drawbridge to open back up on the island! 

And our setup. We drove right out on the sand, so there was no lugging of the stuff. I thought it would be nice to have the A/C for Aubrey, but turns out, the ocean breeze was plenty to keep her cool. She just hung out in her recliner (carseat) watching the big kids play, listening to the waves crash, with that salt air on her face! 

Let’s take a closer look. She had a snack as soon as we got there and unloaded the car, and then she did THIS for three whole hours. Happy Mother’s Day to me! I just got to lay out on the sand and watch the big kids play!

The hubby cracks me up in his giant beach hat. I guess I should have known something like this would come with the territory of marrying a redhead! 

Thick layers of sunscreen and off they went, leaving me with this view. Hello, North Carolina paradise. 

Mitchell was very proud of the crab he found with Daddy, and thought it was just hilarious when Daddy scared Mommy with it when she wasn’t paying attention, making Mommy squeal like a little girl. 

They played, and played, and played some more. 

The Beards and our friend Paul met us out there. The boys stood in that Marine huddle they do at work and chatted. Not sure I understand why they’d rather stand up than sit down, but I guess it’s a Marine thing. It sure is fun to see those big tough boys loving up on our Julia in her tutu swimsuit! 🙂 Not so tough now, huh? 😉

Our friends brought their dog along. The chillest dog ever. He swam for a bit and then just hung out on the blanket with us! 

Four hours later (it did NOT feel that long!), we realized it was almost dinner time and packed everything up to head back home. We had to wrestle our beach babes back in their carseats because they STILL weren’t ready to leave!

But, they both looked like this when they got home. We ordered a pizza and plopped down on the couch for the rest of the night. An extra Mother’s Day present – Daddy did bath time while I (sort of) snuggled with (a fussy) Aubrey on the couch and (kind of) relaxed! Wouldn’t trade it for the world, though. 🙂 

For the sake of wanting to remember this in three years, I’ll add that the hubby surprised me with bath bombs and a new gym bag! I’ve been using Mitchell’s drawstring bag he got from soccer camp a few weeks ago, because my gym bags from college sports are prettyyy worn out (and gross) at this point. I was completely surprised and he definitely picked out the perfect gifts that I will use a whole lot! I actually forgot about any gifts with the hoopla of Aubrey’s dedication and trying to keep all of our little people bathed and fed, so it was such a pleasant surprise! Now I just have to get the hubby to keep the kids from finding me when I use those bath bombs, because they have a sixth sense to know where to find me when I try to hide in the shower! Some other highlights from the weekend included… church and Aubrey’s dedication. 

Treating myself to the carwash after last week’s road trip from Kansas! You won’t find me unnecessarily spending money at Starbucks, but I am a sucker for the $6 carwash that comes with UNLIMITED FREE VACUUMS, SPRAY BOTTLES, WASHRAGS, AND FREE RUBBER MAT POWERWASHING. Y’all, that’s my guilty pleasure. I’m there at least twice a week – any time I find myself on that side of town, I use as an excuse to go to this place. The most recent discoveries from between then kids carseats… three princesses, one super hero, Julia’s bracelet, and a rock solid untouched uncrustable. If that’s not mom life, I don’t know what is. 

A trip to Lowe’s with my Aubrey girl to pick out some flowers for our garden! 

Lots of couch snuggles. 

A date with my big kids to plant the flowers we picked! (More pictures from that later!)

An early morning three mile run with my girls and two great friends and fellow military spouses. 

The opportunity to take family photos for some great friends – on their pup’s birthday!

And a Saturday afternoon trip to Wilmington to watch these boys hockey skate, followed by a family dinner out for sushi… all early enough to get us home for…

…an evening full of more couch snuggles. 

Add in three trips to the gym for me, and I’m not sure how we squeezed it all in that three day weekend, but we did! Oh, how I love these days with our growing family. I just can’t stand how much I love them. I tell this to the hubby over and over, and it is so true. We were missing our mom’s (grandma’s) this holiday, but with Aubrey’s birth and some trips back home, we’ve gotten to spend lots of time together this summer. A nice long phone call to each of them, and we finished up our pizza with full stomachs and full hearts after a pretty great weekend. 

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