Topeka Capitol

To follow up on yesterday’s post about our trip to Kansas, I’m here today with an update on our trip to tour the Topeka Capitol building! I’ve written about my mom’s campaign last fall, and then a little update after she took office. When we actually made our way back to Kansas, seeing Grandma Brim in action was at the top of our must-do list! 

We took Grandma Brim’s hour commute down I-70, from Kansas District 39 to her new home in Topeka! I hadn’t been inside here since a field trip back in middle school!

The inside of the building is absolutely stunning. I can’t believe she gets to work in a place so full of history! I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the paintings on the ceiling or the architectural details!

Then we found our way to the House of Representatives, where my mom works! 

There was a viewing area up above where we could watch everything happen. 

Julia made it through the “gavel in,” Pledge of Allegiance, and a few announcements before she started causing a ruckus and we went for a walk. At least there was plenty to see!

See Grandma Brim’s big smile down there?!

Luckily, they didn’t have a long meeting that day, so we got to go down on the Kansas House of Representatives floor and give it a little North Carolina Martin Family Circus!

Mitchell made sure to tell all of the representatives he is three years old, but he’s almost four years old. 

Julia tried to vote on a couple of bills. 

And of course, we snuck a picture in of all of us, thanks to a kind representative who was willing to snap a picture! 

We’re pretty proud of that representative of ours! But we’re also ready for them to get things figured out in Topeka so we can have her back in North Carolina for the summer! Happy Friday, friends. We’re ready to enjoy our laid back weekend!

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