Who Loves Julia?

Conversations with kids are just so darn funny sometimes. I’ll find myself scrambling to open the notes on my phone so I can write down the things they say. Sometimes I’ll be walking through a store and burst out laughing at something they say, then wonder what people think of me when they see me laughing at something a three year old said. They’re funny though! A few weeks ago, I was asking Julia, “Who loves Julia?” I was trying to coax out the names of all our family members, but her response was so much funnier. 
Who Loves Julia?

1. Jesus
2. Bunnies
3. Grandmas
4. Animals
5. Mama
6. Doggies
7. Daddy
8. My Friends
9. Donkey
10. Sophia the First
I was dying. Apparently she is loved by the donkeys, but not her brother and sister. This girl constantly has us laughing, and keeps us on her toes. That’s all for today, just had to get that written down before I forgot it. And a few pictures of our big girl from her walk with mommy awhile back. She was being a little ham, so of course I grabbed my camera! 
Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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