Porch, Plants, and Popsicles

If you could see me right now, I’m sitting on the couch with big Julia curled up on my lap sleeping away. Which she NEVER does. She’s exhausted from a birthday party and the park and RIDING HER BIKE around the neighborhood. Y’all, overnight she learned how to ride her bike. HOW IS SHE SO BIG?! It’s 9:23pm and way past my bedtime, but I just can’t bring myself to move her off my chest. So here I am, sneaking in a weekend blog post. Last week, while the big kids were in school, Aubrey and I went shopping for some flowers to spruce up the garden a little for spring! Then, we snuck Mitchell and Julia out of daycare a little early and came home to plant away! When I told them there was a special surprise in the car, and that it was flowers, they just had to have me open the tailgate before we left the parking lot because they were too excited to wait and see!

These little helpers were happy to carry all of the flowers out of the car and to the front yard! They were especially excited when they realized they got to use the little shovel to scoop dirt into the pots! 

Funny story about that little pepper plant there. Steve insisted on buying a pepper plant for that little pot before his second deployment to Afghanistan. And then he left. And I spent that whole darn deployment worrying about keeping that darn pepper plant alive until he got home because he loved it so much for some reason. And of course, I felt awful when it died. So every year I make sure he has a pepper plant in the pepper pot. 

So this weekend, we enjoyed our pretty porch with an evening in the sprinkler and some popsicles! 

I just love this picture because it has everything I love in it. My good lookin’ guy holding our sweet little baby. 

Aubrey joined in the fun in her jammies on Daddy’s lap. 

I was just back from the gym but I just had to jump in one picture with sweet little Aubrey. I love her and that adorable little sleeper. 

There you have it – a pretty great way to spend the weekend. I am really trying my best to hang onto every one of these memories. These days are literally my dream come true and I never want to forget a single second of this precious time. Why must they grow so fast?! Next summer, we’ll have three little Martins running through that sprinkler in the yard and I’m going to wondering even more, where in the world does time go? Maybe I’ll carry Julia up to her bed now… in five more minutes.

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