Mitchell’s First Soccer Season

Now that we’re full steam ahead to summer with the pool opening in just a few days, I figure we’ll try to get all the spring stuff documented today before I forget. So today I’m wrapping up Mitchell’s very first soccer season! And so we move into the organized sport stage of parenting. I can’t believe how much fun it is to watch your kid’s activities. I just love seeing him run his little heart out and joy plastered all over his face as he chases A few weeks ago we wrapped up Mitchell’s very first soccer season. I wrote about his soccer camp back HERE. We ended the season on a high note, given that it took awhile for him to warm up to the idea of new friends and a new game. Also, how excited I was to be the “team photographer!” I’ve dreamed of the opportunity to be able to take our babes sports pictures growing up, and good golly, that day is here! How did that happen?!

Each week started with an all-team warm up, accompanied by a talk about teamwork and good sportsmanship. I loved this part. 

We tried our best to minimize the water breaks during practice. You can find this boy running over to me every chance he got to drink some water and give me a hug. Not that I’m complaining about the hugs, but he would certainly win the thirstiest player award for the season. 

And a few game snaps. Mayyyybe by next season I’ll get my big camera lens I’ve been eyeing and really get some good close-up action shots. 😀 Somehow, in all the craziness of the pregnancy and our unpredictable jobs, Steve and I both only ended up one game each. And they were different games, so he had mommy&daddy there for all of them! The game I missed was his very first game of any sport ever, and I made it on the sideline with Julia loaded in the stroller before I got the dreaded weekend work call. Darn you, call duty. Luckily, hubby was there to cheer extra loud for me. I know this won’t always be the case for him, but we do our very best to tag-team and make sure he knows he’s always got a cheerleader.

And that’s a wrap! This soccer mom will be back in the fall, and until then, we’re taking a summer break! 

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