Happy 28 Hubby

Today the hubby is 28 years old and when I start counting the “years ago,” it really makes me start to feel old. Fourteen years ago we met at boarding school. Thirteen years ago he kissed me for the first time and took me to prom. Eight years ago he joined the Marine Corps. Seven years ago he proposed and waited a whole two months to get married in the chapel at our high school. Six years ago he deployed to Afghanistan for the first time. Nearly four years ago we welcomed our first sweet red-headed baby while he was deployed to Afghanistan for the second time. Two years ago our second red-headed baby came along. One year ago next month, we found out we were expecting our third red-headed little baby. Goodness, has a whole lot happened between those milestones (see blog archives!), but it’s really starting to make me realize just how many adventures we’ve gotten to experience together. After all, next year we’ll have known each other longer than we haven’t. But there are oh, so many adventures to come. 

I suppose it’s fitting that the hubby is off jumping out of airplanes on his 28th birthday, given his love for all things tactical and adventurous and military. He’s been working like CRAZY his last six months, really since he got back from his last deployment. We are so proud of all his amazing accomplishments, because there have been a lot of them. I’ll brag about him for a minute because I just think he’s the coolest person on the entire planet and he’d never spend a second boasting about himself. We’re really missing him on his birthday, but we know we’ll have him back in a few weeks to celebrate the amazing person he is. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to get to spend another year and every other year after that together. He gave me these three little people that also think he’s the greatest person ever, so we’ll be spending his birthday plotting how to make him feel extra special. We had a pretty good surprise planned out last weekend, but of course the military had other last minute plans so we’re saving those for later. I know just writing that out is probably driving him nuts, because boy, does he hate surprises. Until then, I’m getting by with Mitchell kisses and the kids are dragging those Daddy Dolls around wherever we go!

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