April Photo Dump

Averaging about two months late for these posts lately, but at least there’s room for improvement, right? 😉 We started off April in the best way, with a visit from Grandma Brim to North Carolina! This visit was extra special because she hadn’t met our brand new little Aubrey yet! Our three ring circus was waiting for her right off of the runway! 

It cracked us up because Julia ran up to a lady (who did look a lot like my mom) and gave her a hug and called her grandma. She got it right on try number two and was pleased as punch to have her grandma there for her. Don’t mind my baby sister that you haven’t met – hold me! Don’t feel bad mom, she’s always good for at least one hug to a random Marine in cammies at the commissary that looks like Daddy. 
We started pulling out Julia’s hand-me-downs from the baby girl tubs and it made my mommy heart happy seeing Aubrey in Julia’s old clothes! 
Speaking of Julia, she’s growing out of things like crazy, and we’ll be so sad to say goodbye to her cute owl jammies that she’s stretching to the max these days. Luckily, summer dresses and shorts are a little more forgiving in the length department, so we can hold off on a big mommy/daughter shopping trip until fall! 
I found the big kids playing quietly in Mitchell’s room one day. It’s images like this I never want to forget. Pretty soon there will be another little one playing with them! This picture is even crazier to me because that race car toy was Mitchell’s big brother toy when Julia was born! 
Aubrey was still on her every two weeks to the doctor schedule and got all good reports! 
Mornings with this boy are so sweet… but only after 9:00 because this boy is NOT a morning person! Daddy’s boy!
When Grandma Brim was visiting, she needed a good long sleep after traveling and playing with these crazy kids, so we headed to church to give her a quiet house and brought back donuts for her!
Tiny little babies in carseats are just the cutest!
Since we had to keep the kids in daycare during my maternity leave to keep their spots (there is a loooong waitlist), I tried to keep them in somewhat a routine of going to school on a regular basis. I was marginally successful – some days I just wanted to keep them home! Instead of their usual long days, I tended to get them there in time for either their breakfast or lunch time, and definitely kept them through naptime since they tend not to nap for me at home anymore! Later mornings and early afternoons meant special times with mommy, like our lazy breakfasts! 
I just loved this post-church shot of Julia. Always doing her own thang. 😉
Sometimes I hang back a little just for this view. I love that family of mine! 
The big kids took their second trip to the dentist! A quick cleaning for each of them and a lot of prizes! They both did much better than I expected! Look at Mitchell back there without even Mommy close to help! The biggest boy! 
Mitchell made it on the Little Tikes page for baseball opening day! He’s a pretty cute cover boy if you ask me! 😉
And another little feature on the Covered Goods page, complete with the whole crazy train and donuts. 
Zoe continues to think she is a lap dog. My husband is under there in case you missed him. 
We seemed to make it to a lot of birthday parties in April. This one was my first with THREE kids in tow! 
Cupcakes! I missed the picture of the big blow-up slide but they climbed that thing at least 50 times apiece, which meant nice LONG naps! 
These girls started out as our babysitters but with the hubby home, they’re really just the best friends now! They are both the sweetest young military wives! They came over to see Aubrey and chat for an afternoon! 
And they snapped this picture of Julia while they were there and I just loved her little crossed arms. What a diva! 
When the big kids were at school, Aubrey and I went on a lot of walks with our friends Amelia and Addie! Aubrey just sleeps away like this in the stroller! The BEST view. 🙂 
I was SO proud of how great Mitchell did at soccer camp, so the two of us celebrated with a milkshake, which turned into a full-on lunch date at the local diner!
A carseat picture of Julia because I can’t stand how cute she is. You can always find me with a reserve baggie of Animal Crackers or goldfish. I just can’t promise they won’t be stale, ha!
My view when I wake up in the mornings. ❤ Though, my goal in the next two weeks is to transition her to her crib. Oh, how I’ll miss this! 
We had a lot of park dates with really great friends. 
Found this picture of my dad at work. He’s down there hanging out with the little Superman! He’s pretty cool if you ask me. 🙂
Something about a backpack makes them look so grown up and ready to take on the world! 
My mom gave me the cutest bath bomb for an Easter present, and I didn’t want to forget her thoughtfulness! 
My mom also took each of the kids for their own slumber party at the beach while she was here. This was the picture she sent me on Mitchell’s night!
Mitchell’s soccer team celebrated the end of the season with pizza at Cici’s, complete with cupcakes and medals! 
And last, but not least, you can find me doing a whole lot of this these days. That laundry sitting on the back of the couch will just have to wait. 
And that wraps up April!

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