Our Aubrey Jean – Two Months

Aubrey Jean’s two month milestone came and went a few weeks ago, so I’m documenting it before I forget our tiny little girl! If you’re not into every little milestones from someone else’s baby, I’ll be back tomorrow with another post! If not, read on! Oh my, how I have fallen so head over heels in love with her (and her awesome sleep habits). She’s our petite little baby. At the two month mark, she was still easily in all of her newborn clothes and not quite 10 pounds. (At her two month appointment she was holding steady at 9 pounds 6 ounces). But she also grew three inches in two months! She is now 21.5 inches! She got a perfect report at check-up, which of course meant the dreaded shots! She was tough, though, like Julia! Mitchell is the only one that seems to be phased by them! Aubrey has so much hair and pretty much always has a bow in it. She’s pretty much always in pajamas too. For a half second I thought about getting a pack of onesies to send her to daycare in next week, and then I thought again. I think she’s just going to live in sleepers all summer! 🙂 
Aubrey being petite has nothing to do with her eating habits. She is still nursing about every two to three hours, and hourly in the evenings. Yay, cluster feeding, ha! She burps SO easily and every single time, and I’m starting to think the big kids had acid reflux now that I’ve had her, because she NEVER spits up. (So, so nice!) It’s pretty rare that we feed her a bottle, but I make sure to try to give her one at least once or twice a week to make sure she’s used to it. She hasn’t had any trouble transitioning back and forth so I’m not too worried about transitioning to bottle feeding when she starts daycare – and I have a stockpile of milk to get us started! Evenings are her fussy time and a lot of nights she won’t let me put her down from 5:00 to 9:00 – investing in a baby wrap has been the BEST decision. My house ends up clean and my chores done because she’ll let me wear her and she won’t let me sit down. It’s almost as if she’s saying, “Don’t watch that episode of Fixer Upper you’ve seen three times – do the dishes!” BUT! I’ll take the needy evening baby every day of the week for a sleeping baby. This girl sleeps like a champ in her SwaddleMe wrap, swaddled with her arms in. She goes down about 9:00pm and sleeps until 6:00am. She’s like a clock and 95% of the time will wake up within five minutes of 6:00! No signs of rolling over so we’re going to keep using the magic wrap until then and I plan to transition her to a sleep sack after that! She’s still sleeping overnight in the Pack&Play basinet right next to our bed! Nap times are throughout the day but all over the place. I think is primarily because we are so busy and all over the place ourselves (older siblings have a way of throwing off any chance at a routine), and I’m just going to let her daycare teachers figure out this one next week for me! I have exactly nine days until I’m dropping her off at daycare for the first time. And since the hubby will still be away jumping out of airplanes and I work pretty early, it’ll more than likely be a Monday morning with tears shed before 6:00. I plan to go to her school next week to meet her teachers, which I’m prayerfully anxious about! She’s my tiny little baby and I want her to be in the best hands. I was SO lucky loving Mitchell and Julia’s amazing infant teacher (Miss Melissa!), and we’re really, really hoping it works out that we end up with her again, but the odds aren’t in our favor. With the federal hiring freeze a couple months ago, combined with already long waitlists at the daycare, Aubrey actually has to start at a different daycare than the older kids, and hope for a spot to open up at the same one. Makes it a bit of a logistical nightmare for a working mommy of three with no hubby, but we’ll figure it out. Sadly, the last time I checked she actually went DOWN on the waitlist because other families with priority jumped ahead of us… even though we’ve been on the waitlist for five months (three months before she was born!). So maybe, just maybe, when we finally get all three babes in the same place, Aubrey will luck out in the same room we loved so much with the big kids. Childcare is crazy, I tell ya. And crazy expensive!
Aubrey is pretty content being passed around and is really friendly, as long as you know what she likes. She loves a pacifier (we recently discovered the NUK stays the best in her mouth!), but only if everything else is right in her world. She loves to be held and bounced, especially facing your chest and nuzzled in a warm little cocoon. She KNOWS when you sit down, because she can be sleeping away in your arms and then instantly wakes up when you sit down. If you’re sitting she wants to be talked to and attended to, and isn’t a big snuggler unless she’s really sleeping hard. Her hair is as red as ever, and her eyes are still blue. I’m hoping those are here to stay like Julia’s! She loves her car seat and is an awesome little traveler – a crucial quality to be a part of this fam! She literally makes my heart sing with joy every time I look at that precious face. I think every time we have a baby I fall in love even harder. Or maybe it’s that she doesn’t run away and talk back like the big kids and I’m just choosing to ignore that she won’t always be this sweet. 😉 I’m a little all over the place with this post, but I needed to get a few thoughts down before I’m filled up with memories of month three and month two is forgotten! Aubrey, we are just so smitten with you, I don’t even know what to do with myself sometimes!

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