Heads Carolina, Tails California

If you are curious what has consumed my mind over the past few months, besides keeping a newborn fed with clean pants… it’s moving. For the past two and a half months, the hubby has been awaiting military orders, either to stay here in North Carolina or move to California. Those were the only two options on the table, and sadly for me, Hawaii and Japan weren’t on the list this time! Friends have been asking me what I want, and I’ve really done my best not to build up any big wishes either way, because we literally have no control in the the matter. Well, the orders are officially in and we are STAYING PUT! Camp Lejeune forever, y’all. Or at the very least three more years! While California might have been a pretty exciting adventure, we are so, so comfortable here. We love our community. The amenities here are amazing – pools, parks, quality of housing, gyms, doctors, childcare centers. I could go on and on. We have a church home. We love our current childcare situation and the school the kids will attend. Mitchell starts Pre-K in the fall and is so excited to ride the school bus! We have an awesome eye doctor for the kids. Mitchell is involved in swim lessons and soccer and we plan on keeping him (and adding Julia!) in both programs for the years to come because he is having so much fun. We will be on the hunt for a piano teacher in about two years for the big kids, so if anyone has any recommendations, we are definitely interested in that! We have our favorite restaurants. Not to mention, I’ve built a career here that I’m just not ready to say goodbye to. So to receive the news that we are staying here was a huge relief. This will put us in one place for nearly ten years, which is practically unheard of in the Marine Corps. (We did have a brief PCS in the middle there, but it was less than a year!) So really, this post is a whole bunch of no news, but as far as we are concerned, it’s big news! I was bracing myself for the possibility of a move in the next one-six months, and now I can push it to the back of my mind for another three-five years. It just makes me want to celebrate by snuggling up with my family on our couch with pizza and a movie, because we love this season of life we’re in so much and we won’t be shaking things up quite yet! 

And while there is so much comfort in our news, it seems we’re hitting that inevitable time in the military where our friends are leaving us. Mitchell’s little buddy (Brayden) in the picture above (taken this spring!) is now living in Japan with his family! How exciting is that?! I had to snap a picture of their last playdate, at the park they started playing together at over two years ago! And this wasn’t our only goodbye in the recent weeks. The last time this happened all at once was at the end of 2013. Well, we’re here again. In a matter of six months, we have friends moving to Okinawa (Japan), Eglin Air Force Base (Florida), Camp Pendleton (California), Naval Air Station Corpus Christi (Texas), South Carolina, Maryland, several different recruiting stations, and even to Australia. So while we are so relieved to be staying put for a few more years, we are thrilled for all of the adventures our friends are about to have, but also sad to see them go. The silver lining is that the Marine Corps is such a small world and the odds are pretty good that we’ll be stationed together again someday. Yesterday at the park (at Quantico of all places), I met the nicest mom that I totally could have been friends with. Only to find out that her neighbor is the friend we were stopping in Quantico to meet at the park – and her husband’s Gunnery Sergeant was our very first neighbor here at Camp Lejeune! But it’s still not fun when all of your friends are leaving you! Luckily, we still have a few close friends who are staying put. I write this with a big weight lifted off my shoulders, now that we know a little bit more what our next few years will look like! But with the military, it’s always something. So, stay tuned, because the odds are pretty good we’ll have some real news sooner rather than later. 

4 thoughts on “Heads Carolina, Tails California

  1. That song came on the radio one day, and I was all, “This is my life right now!” I was really hoping y'all would end up here and not in Cali, but someday we will be stationed together! I'm sure of it!


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