Mitchell’s Airplane Room

Mitchell’s room is a project I put on the back burner for awhile. His room is huuuuge, especially compared to his last one. Since we have all of my refinished childhood furniture in there, it was nice to have a space to comfortably fit it all. But, even though we have extra space, we made some serious sacrifices in the light department! Julia’s room and the nursery have that beautiful afternoon light that pours in, and poor Mitchell has one dinky window that doesn’t seem to ever face the sun. To be honest, we don’t spend a whole lot of time in the kids rooms during the daylight hours anyway – we’re always either out, downstairs, or outside, but I sure would love some light in there! 

I looooved the way I decorated Mitchell’s room in our last house, so this room was essentially the same, just rearranged. Since he gained so much wall space, though, it still felt a little bare after we moved everything over. But the lack of natural light left me uninspired to spend a whole lot of time decorating the space, so it stayed mostly done while I focused on more fun things, like Julia’s room and the nursery. Eventually, I got around to finishing up Mitchell’s room to my liking. It’s probably the most “fun” room in the house when it comes to play options. After all, the boy has bunk beds, a spaceship tent and a trampoline. 

Mitchell’s room has several pieces in it that are sentimental, which makes me love it that much more. My grandfather was a pilot, and a few of his military service pictures are showcased in Mitchell’s room. You can read about his service and how we named Aubrey after him in some old posts. The curtain is also a painted silhouette of an airplane he used to fly!
I decided on the airplane theme simply because I really loved these duvet covers I saw while perusing Pottery Barn Kids online. (Typical weeknight couch activity around our house).  Then, the room started to take shape when I made the decision to refinish the dark pine bunkbeds I shared with my brother growing up, into a gray-washed/white color. So much work (two beds, a nightstand, dresser, and bookshelf!), but I love it so much. (Mind you, I did this 9 months pregnant with Julia and my water broke). I’m grateful my parents kept the furniture for me all those years and it’s fun putting Mitchell to bed in the same bed I slept in growing up! Then one day, I was talking to my mother-in-law about how I wanted to snag some vintage airplanes to hang in the room. A complete surprise to me, my husband had exactly the kind of airplanes I was looking for hanging in his bedroom as a kid, Pottery Barn Kids circa 1993. And she still had them!!!! The sentimental sap in me couldn’t be more excited that Mitchell would have his Daddy’s airplanes hanging in his room! 
For my military momma readers and other friends decorating on a budget (aren’t we all), I tried to cut expenses where I could to keep costs down. The bedroom furniture (This End Up) was free (thanks Mom and Dad!), which was a huge help. I spent about $50 on paint and stain to refinish it. The airplanes (thanks mother-in-law!) were also free. Mitchell’s trampoline and tent were both birthday gifts from his second birthday. About 90% of the clothes in his closet are used hand-me-downs from generous friends with growing boys. His bookshelves are full of books that were either gifts, or belonged to my brother and I growing up. I splurged on the Pottery Barn bedding, but the sheets are Walmart all the way. So the decor expenses broken down look about like this…
Furniture – Hand Me Down
Mattresses (2 Twins) – $300
Mattress Protectors/Sheets – $50
Furniture Refinishing Supplies – $50
Space Tent – Birthday Gift
Trampoline – Birthday Gift
Picture Frames/Signs – $100
Hanging Airplanes – Hand Me Down
Curtain Supplies – $10
Baskets – $30
TOTAL: $645
I would love to put a rug in there, and add some other fun pieces, but in the interest of the budget, I’m pretty okay with how this room turned out and I’m pretty pleased with how we were able to incorporate so many sentimental aspects, all for less than the cost of the bunkbeds new (no mattresses, “extra” furniture, or bedding included!). Also, a little side note, I was so excited when I saw one of my favorite milso bloggers repurposed her same bed for her daughter’s room, too. Check out her post on Whimsical September, HERE!
It’s been so much fun making each kid their “own” space! Coming up soon on the blog – recapping our last visit with family and friends before I head back to work in a week!

4 thoughts on “Mitchell’s Airplane Room

  1. Thank you, Desiree! It's perfect for when they're jumping on the couches and beds and I send them right up to that trampoline instead to wear themselves out! 🙂



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