Sleep Transition with Owlet Monitor

From the time we brought Aubrey home from the hospital until about nine weeks old, she was sleeping in the Pack&Play bassinet next to my bedside, just like her two older siblings did. Since the big kids are two excellent sleepers, I really wanted to stick to the same routine, hoping with a little nature&nurture, Aubrey would turn out the same way! The two major changes we made in her sleep habits were adding the SwaddleMe wrap (EASIEST, quickest, fool-proof swaddle that she can’t escape) – lifesaver!, and the Owlet baby monitor

It’s a bit of a crazy time in our life right now. We’ve adjusted to having a new baby around the house again, and three kiddos, but we’re hitting the ground running next week with me back to work and Aubrey starting daycare and the hubby off doing his military gig. Triple whammy – fingers crossed for a smooth transition and a sane mommy. Knowing all of those big changes are on the horizon, I wanted to get Aubrey’s sleeping habits really nailed down beforehand. She’s been sleeping through the night since six weeks with no problem, so the only thing that was left to do was get her in her own room and out of Mommy&Daddy’s. 
I like to think I’m a pretty laid back parent, but there are a few things I’m hyperaware of – water safety and sleep safety. Sadly, as a first responder, I’ve seen how both of those situations can go really wrong and the worst can happen. Those are experiences that really change your outlook on things. Side note – if you’re a new baby mommy, I BEG you not to co-sleep. I refuse to let myself even close my eyes when I’m rocking Aubrey in a chair because it scares me to death. I know it’s not easy but it’s SAFE! When I heard about the Owlet monitor, I was immediately intrigued. This didn’t exist with my older two babes, but after reading exactly what it does, I knew I needed it for our third. I didn’t have a long list of baby gear for round three, but this was at the top. I read a lot of reviews, because this thing ain’t cheap, but for us, the cost was more than worth the potential benefit. A lot of parents of new babies talk about waking up at every little noise to check on them. THAT’S NOT ME. Unless they’re full on crying, I’m not stirring ’til morning. Partly because I’m a heavy sleeper and partly because parenting these little people is exhausting! 
The Owlet monitor showed up in the cutest little box, and we used it on the very first night we got it. It took a few minutes to set up, but was really easy. And did I mention cute? In case you haven’t heard of the Owlet monitor, it essentially performs the same readings that the little red-light-finger-pincher does at the doctor’s office. It’s a tiny little sock that slips easily under footie pajamas and measures your baby’s pulse oximetry and heart rate all night. It connects to the base station and your phone through Wifi, and will play a sweet little (loud enough to wake you up) song to let you know when the readings drop below a safe level. 
We’ve been traveling a good bit since we got it and out of Wifi range some days, and the sock still works perfectly fine with the base station with its own bluetooth – you just can’t get the readings on your phone. Here’s the base station on the hubby’s nightstand that I always steal when he’s off doing his military gig. Bed unmade, because real life. Solo mom. Three kids. We’re all lucky I make time to shower, ha!
The very first night we used it, we were dying with the cute little app and how it told us “Aubrey is wiggling” with her cute little picture there on my phone while it was waiting for the reading. HEART MELTED. x2 for Mommy and Daddy. Every night before I fall asleep, I find myself checking the app on my phone to see Aubrey’s readings before I’m closing my eyes.

We put the 1-3 month sized sock on Aubrey when she was two months old, and we had three false alarms that night. Once we figured out that she’s just a petite baby and needs to stick with the newborn sock a little longer, we got much more accurate readings and no more false alarms. Guess we just have a tiny baby on our hands! ❤ 
In addition to the Owlet, we also use the Motorola baby monitor we received as a gift when Mitchell was born. Three babies later, this monitor is still going strong and has been an AWESOME investment. We have a great signal throughout the house – even in the backyard. You can move the camera around from the monitor, which is especially helpful when they get older and move around in the crib (or their room!). Additional cameras can go in siblings rooms to toggle between all of your littles!
I’m happy to say that Aubrey has been in her room and slept nine straight hours for the past several nights – and I’VE slept nine straight hours for the past several nights thanks to the peace of mind from the Owlet monitor and video baby monitor. Add in the SwaddleMe wrap and a Nuk pacifier, and those are my four nighttime newborn must-haves. If anyone is looking at that sticker price on either of those monitors (or even the SwaddleMe wraps), I would HIGHLY recommend all of them to any new mom (or mom of third like me!). So, back to work I go in a few days, as a solo mama of three under four for a few more weeks. You can find me tonight patting myself on the back that I crossed Aubrey’s big move to her nursery off the checklist before I go back to work and Daddy comes home after a month away jumping out of airplanes! Now ask me about nap times – I’m just going to wait and let her nursery teachers figure out a schedule for that one. 😉
**NOT a sponsored post, so I promise I really mean it when I say that the SwaddleMe is a sleep saver for Aubrey and the Owlet for Mommy&Daddy!**

4 thoughts on “Sleep Transition with Owlet Monitor

  1. My sister bought the Owlet on her own before her first daughter was born last year, and she said it was the single best baby item she had. Worth every penny! She was an ICU nurser for years and knows her health stuff, so she was hyper aware of all kinds of scares that can happen. PS: These pictures are insanely gorgeous! You are a great photographer!


  2. Thank you, Erica! Her room is full of so much yummy light – it's my favorite place to take pictures of her! It's good to hear your sister had a similar experience with it! I also think it's so worth the investment – just wish we had it for the first two now! 🙂



  3. Thank you, Sarah!!! Picture compliments mean a whole lot coming from you because I just LOVE your amazing portraits of your kids! We're so happy we could meet up too!



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