Cars on the Lawn

You could find us in this sea of people this Friday night. Normally, Friday nights are movie nights in our house, so when our church hosted its second annual movie night on the lawn, it fit right into our usual plan of events. I just love taking advantage of fun (and free!) activities for the kids, especially when we get to experience it with our friends! Our church community and military community give us lots of opportunities to do this. Our neighborhood pool actually had a “luau” that night also, but we picked the movie on the lawn since we already spent four hours at the pool that afternoon! Tell me that isn’t a perfect way to kick of my very last weekend of maternity leave! 

Now, lets talk friends. My heart is overflowing joy for all the wonderful friends in our life! The hubby may be gone but I’ve had the BEST company to keep us going. A whole day Thursday with my dear friend Mary who will always talk Jesus and tell me everything I need (not want!) to hear. Another encouraging night of bible study with the best friends, only to wake up today and spend all day with them and our multiplying kiddos at the pool! And then, movie on the lawn at our church with root beer floats and one of our favorite (fellow bible study and EOD families!) and I’m just wondering how I could possibly be so blessed to have the Marine Corps put us right in this wonderful place with all these wonderful people. And not only our bible study friends, but our ever-growing “church row” – all the people we spend every Sunday morning with – was all there together with our kids too!

I wish we would have come a little earlier for the bounce houses, but the four hours at the pool and the never-ending Chic-Fil-A drive-thru had us there just in time for one turn on the slide. And you know you’re really meant to be friends with someone when you start thinking all the same things. Like texting each other from the drive-thru on the way to where you’re both going saying, “Is that you two cars ahead of me?” Hungry minds think alike and the answer to Chic-Fil-A is always yes. 

The kiddos split a root beer float, and I somehow ended up eating three. Only one of my own, but if the kids weren’t going to finish theirs, I wasn’t letting it go to waste! How has it been so many years since I’ve had a root beer float? Those things are yummy!

After awhile, the sun went down and they started up the movie – Cars! Last year was Finding Nemo, and they’re just checking off all of our household favorites. Also, highly recommend clicking that Nemo link if you want to go down the rabbit hole of “how did they get so big in a year??” and see our pre-glasses little babes. My, how so much has changed in a year. We were barely pregnant with our sweet little Aubrey there and we didn’t even know the blessing to come yet! That’s why I love this little blog so darn much. All those memories captured forever. 

Aubrey got passed around like a hot potato, until she fell asleep in her carseat. I caught this one of Mitchell at the beginning of the movie. He was SO focused… for about 30 minutes. 

Then he realized hanging out with his best bud, Colby, and sharing his popcorn was a little more fun than the movie. 

So there you have it – how we kicked off our weekend! I wanted to get this post in there quick, because who knows how this next week will go. It’s so bittersweet when I find myself leaving each of our tiny little babies to go back to work. But one thing I know I can count on – this week is going to be BUSY! We really just had the best Thursday/Friday. And now Aubrey and I are sitting in a quiet, calm, clean house waiting for the big kids to wake up and kick off this Saturday! Happy weekend, friends! 

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