Princesses and Their Marines

I’d be lying to you if I didn’t tell you yesterday was a bummer. For me, for the hubby, and for Julia, though I’m pretty sure Julia forgot about it as soon as she saw her Chic-Fil-A milkshake. Last night was the annual Daddy Daughter Dance, where all of the Marines take their little princesses in ball gowns to the special ball. Y’all, that’s my love language. Seeing the hubby and our daughter all dressed up together for a special occasion, and taking fancy pictures of them together, is something I’ve been looking forward to since she was born. But, the hubby has been in training literally since November (when he was at a bomb school and couldn’t go to the Marine Corps ball for the second year in a row either, darn it!), and for this occasion he was away jumping out of airplanes and couldn’t make it back. Darn jump school made us miss a wedding, his birthday, and this! He’s not been deployed for just over a year now (though that doesn’t necessarily doesn’t mean he’s always home for long periods of time), and that’s usually the time we start emotionally preparing ourselves for another deployment. Maybe knowing that is on the horizon is part of the reason I struggled watching all of Julia’s friends go off to the dance with their daddies, knowing hers isn’t home. Maybe it’s that Julia begs me to wear a “pretty dress” every single morning when she gets dressed. She sneaks tutus on top of her pajamas in the middle of the night. Y’all, this is right up her girly girl alley. She was so excited to go to the tea party with all her friends, but when they left, she was asking if she could go dancing too. When I told her that she has to wait for daddy to come home, then she thought he was coming and I had to explain that he wasn’t. Sometimes this solo parenting thing is hard, y’all. I’ll do a year’s worth of dishes and laundry without complaining, but telling your daughter she can’t go dancing with daddy is rough. And I just know the hubby was feeling as sad as I am about the whole deal. These guys sacrifice so much to serve their country and take care of their families. So, maybe next year – who knows with the Marine Corps. 

But what did cheer me up quite a bit was getting to go see all of Julia’s friends off and take pictures of them! Oh, and Chic-Fil-A for all of us moms after the cute couples were off! Goodness, I love these girls that our bible study has brought into my life. And I’m just swooning over all the love these big tough Marines have for their baby girls. These princesses are some lucky girls to have such amazing daddies. And we’re pretty lucky to all live on such a beautiful base. So, enough talking. Princess pictures! 

Oh my goodness, how cute are these little girls at their tea party! I’m thinking this might be a perfect idea for a future birthday party! 

There you have it. We’re already crossing our fingers that daddy can make it next year – and by then he’ll have two princesses! Is it too early to start shopping? 😉

3 thoughts on “Princesses and Their Marines

  1. Oh my gosh, Kourtney, tears. I hear you on so many levels. I said something to Spencer the other night about “when Daddy comes home,” and he raced to the window, so excited because he thought Daddy was coming home. I've said it time and again, but our kiddos have it the hardest. We know the end is in sight…they don't.

    Also, your photography is simply divine. I'm swooning!


  2. Kourtney. My heart went to pieces reading about Julia. Poor little girl. I'm praying that next year she gets to put on her prettiest dress and dance the evening away with her daddy.
    I also have to say your photos took my breath away. They are truly amazing.


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