Martha’s Vineyard 2017

A few weeks ago we took a trip up to Martha’s Vineyard – a place so near and dear to my heart, because it’s where the hubby and I did a lot of falling in love! It’s so special to us every time we get to go back there to visit, and while we’re on the subject, we originally began planning this trip as a family vacation. Aubrey’s first trip to the Vineyard and our first trip as a family of five! Except the Marine Corps had other plans and it ended up being a trip as a family of four. Biggest bummer, I tell you, but we made the best of it. I wasn’t going to sit at home and feel sorry for myself, so I loaded up the car and headed north on I-95, outnumbered by our redheaded little people!

In case you’re one of my southern/midwestern readers and not familiar with the northeast, Martha’s Vineyard is an island off the cape of Massachusetts. Since it’s an island, Mitchell was so excited to take the “big ferry boat” over there. I used to just ride it myself and have Steve pick me up at the ferry (such special memories!), but with the whole fam and fam’s worth of stuff in tow, we just drove the car right on the ferry and didn’t unpack until we pulled into grandma’s driveway! I promised the kids we could walk to the top of the ferry to look at the ocean, but I forgot how cold it is up there in the northeast, so it was a quick walk! 

After seeing the ocean from the ferry boat, it was back to the bottom of the boat and in the carseats in time to head to grandma’s house. Where they settled. Right. In. Can you tell? 

Just like the weather, the pool was cold for the first few days, so we entertained ourselves inside and settled in at grandma and grandpa’s house! We were waited on hand and foot and cooked three delicious meals a day and for a brief moment I thought about cancelling my return ferry reservation. Can we just move here? And then I remembered the hubby comes home in a few weeks and figured we should probably be there when he gets back. 😉

In case you’re wondering what traveling with three kids three and under looks like, it’s two pack and plays and a lot of blankies. Aubrey and Julia each got their own bed, and Mitchell and I snuggled up in the big bed every night! 

Since you can only hang around a house so long with a two and three year old without going crazy (or is that just me?!), we started venturing out in town for some sightseeing! We ate at Black Dog and a few of our other “usuals,” and also took a walk to the Edgartown Lighthouse!

We spent and afternoon at Menemsha Beach – where they filmed the movie Jaws! 

We celebrated Grandma and Grandpa Martin’s 30th anniversary with a nice dinner at Alchemy. 

We found a few rainy day activities, like visiting the animals at the Farm Institute. 

But, I think our very favorite activity was when the pool warmed up and we swam for hours and hours on our last several days! Pictured: Julia busting down our staircase, full steam ahead to the pool!

The pool was still only 80 degrees, but the kids didn’t seem to care. When they got cold, they’d take a break in the toasty 91 degree hot tub and jump back in for more! You better believe that hot tub was an even toastier 103 degrees after bedtime and momma was having her own pool party out there! I planned ahead and packed the baby monitor for this very occasion!

Something I’d never packed traveling with kids before, but did this time, was the bouncer! We had plenty of extra room this time, so I figured it would be helpful, and boy was it. I changed her diapers in it in the back of the car, and she hung out here during some of our driving breaks. I lugged it upstairs and downstairs and it gave her somewhere to sit all week so I could put her down without laying her completely flat. She hung out in it poolside and watched the big kids swim. It won’t be long before she’ll be swimming in that pool right along with them, though!

That wraps up this year’s trip to Martha’s Vineyard. We are so grateful to my in-laws for opening their doors to us and being so welcoming, and giving us such a wonderful place to visit! We really do try to make it there every year, but we just couldn’t seem to squeeze it in last year! Last time, Julia was still a baby there! We’re crossing our fingers that we’ll make Martha’s Vineyard 2018 happen – and maybe this time with all five of us!

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