Real World

We got a real big dose of the real world this week, and if we’re being honest, there are times that I felt a bit like I got hit by a bus. The hubby being away learning how to jump out of airplanes for three weeks happened to overlap so inconveniently with my very first week back at work, and Aubrey’s big start at the big kids’ school. I went from juggling three kids however I pleased to juggling three kids – a crazy work schedule, day care drop offs, leaving Aubrey, transitioning Aubrey to the bottle during the day, pumping (what seems like) alllll the time, bible study, dog-momming with 4:30am games of fetch (sorry, neighbors), still trying to work out (only happened once), cooking healthy, and so on and on and on. Where did this real world come from, and where did that maternity leave bliss go? I just want to sit in the shade at the pool holding my little baby watching my big kids swim with my stay-at-home mom friends!
I thought I’d ease back into work slowly, but it took about 30 minutes for a mountain to pile up on my desk and my to-do list to be longer than the hours in the day. But, you know what? It felt really good to be back in my groove. I love my job. I love the people I work with. I am incredibly blessed with an opportunity to serve others – and have fun doing it. If you’ve been in our house for five minutes, you know the utter chaos that we live in, and I thrive on chaos. These crazy, exciting, busy times full of love and laughter and blow-out diapers make my heart long for more red-headed babies. And while there are days that I miss these babies so much that my heart aches, I know I’m in the right place for this season of our lives. And these babies are so well taken care of. 
I needed some grace this week. I know the dogs didn’t get as much attention as they should, but I cuddled them up at night to make up for it. The big kids were pretty cranky adjusting to the early wake-ups, and we didn’t stick to the 8:15 bedtime. Oh, and they only got three baths in five days. You do the math. By Thursday, I fed them a lunchable and fruit snacks for dinner, and it took me three days to figure out the seemingly five billion flies in the house multiplying everywhere were coming from the half inch open crack of the playroom window. I ate leftover crockpot pulled pork for five days and told Mitchell it was chicken so he would eat it. I’m cheating and giving Aubrey a scoop of formula in every daycare bottle trying my hardest to get our petite little gal to hit ten pounds before she hits three months. (We’re at 9 pounds 13 ounces – so close!) Our dumpsters sat on the curb for 24 hours before I brought them in. I could have been a whole lot more supportive of the hubby off doing some pretty awesome things, but I found myself whining about missing him for more of our daily three minute phone calls than I should. The military changed our plans 37 times in just the last few weeks and reminded me, yet again, not to plan anything. Steve’s airplane caught on fire and he had to cancel original flight home so he would have time to finish jumping out of non-flammable airplanes. (He once had a helicopter catch on fire too – I tell you, those things make me nervous!) There was some serious blog silence and I’m a little scared to see how many pictures are waiting for me on my memory card. But we did it! WE MADE IT SOLO AND TRANSITIONED BACK TO WORK! All those little wrinkles will iron themselves out as we get back in our groove with Aubrey girl added in. 
Y’all, Aubrey’s transition to daycare has been as smooth as I could have ever imagined. We just love where she is at and I can spend all my energy missing her instead of worrying! She hasn’t woken up at night in over a month and sleeping a minimum of nine hours in her own room. This is such a huge blessing, and I’m still swearing by the Owlet monitor and SwaddleMe swaddles. I would buy these for ten out of ten babies, seriously. I get up more for the big kids needing to potty or a glass of water! We’ve really got in our groove and she is just perfect and I love every bit of her. 
Friday night we celebrated. We were out of our school&work clothes in about ten minutes flat and headed to the pool with the stroller in our swimsuits. Aubrey fell asleep in the stroller with a full tummy. We practically had the place to ourselves, so I parked her right there next to us and swam the evening away with the big kids. We sat in the front yard and congratulated the hubby over the phone on his shiny new jump wings and celebrated the fact that we would see him so soon. We ordered pizza and I’m currently listening to the Moana credits and three precious little babes and two pups snoring away here on the couch. We survived the first week and I am feeling pretty darn good about it.
We have some challenges coming up on the horizon. Mostly, more separation and time apart. We’re taking it day by day, just thankful for every day we get to spend with that Marine of ours. Everything about him is the best, and I could fall in love with him everyday for the rest of my life. This military life isn’t always the easiest, but I look forward to every morning I wake up to this life we’ve built together. Even in the difficult, alone times. But mostly in the have-him-back-in-our-arms times – and today is one of those days! 
How fitting is it that we get our Marine back just in time for Father’s Day?! We can’t wait to smother him in kisses and love him up every chance we get. Julia has some extra slobbery ones saved up just for him. 😉 I am so grateful for the husband and father and Marine that God has given us. He is so much more than I ever deserved. I am secretly hoping he’ll agree to rub my feet and watch Beauty and the Beast together – but I guess we should let him decide, since it’s his weekend after all. 
So, that’s all I’ve got. The blog isn’t going anywhere, but I might be a little slow-typing in the coming weeks. I sure love all these memories captured forever, though. So I’m trying my best to keep up with this crazy life of ours. A very big happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there! May your weekend be full of family and your hearts full of joy!

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