Father’s Day 2017 & Jump School

Just popping in to remind my future self how we spent this Father’s Day Weekend 2017. TOGETHER! 

I’ll start at the beginning. Steve was away for three weeks at Jump School in Fort Benning, GA. They spent two weeks learning how to jump out of planes and a week actually doing it. He was originally supposed to come home on Friday, but some delays had him rebooking a Saturday flight. But the way things happened to work out, they ended up jumping right into their graduation, which I have been told never happens! One of his buddy’s parents took these pictures of their final jump! 

There’s our Marine, who now has his very own set of shiny jump wings!

While he was doing that, I was wrapping up my first week post-maternity leave and the kids their first full week back at school – Aubrey’s very first week at school! We kept the kids in their school during maternity leave (it has a loooong waitlist to get them back in!). But I only brought them for a few days here and there and their attendance was pretty terrible. I just wanted to see them and love them up instead of leaving them at school! So being back at it for four full days a week was quite a shock to them when I was struggling to wake them up at 5:30am! After a loooooong week and pick-up on Friday afternoon, we were headed to the pool to relax and give ourselves a little “we-survived” pat on the back. 

Which we kicked off with a diaper blowout. 

We got that situation handled and Aubrey fell asleep fast. So I parked her right here and swam the evening away with the kids – with the whole place to ourselves!

This was the view from our backyard Friday evening. 

Saturday morning was the morning we’d been waiting for! Us girls got all prettied up for the hubby, since we hadn’t seen him in three weeks – and Mitchell was dressed for swim lessons later. Look at this view of Aubrey girl while I was getting ready. ❤

And just like that, it was like he’d never left. 

And straight to swim lessons we went. Mitchell just figured out how his goggles worked the night before, so he was pretty excited to “teach my teacher!” 

What’s the first thing we did with Daddy home? Back to the pool, of course.

Julia is loving her big girl status riding her bike to the pool!

After the pool and bathtime, the big kids looked like this. But they rallied for a 16-day-late birthday dinner/Father’s Day/welcome home dinner for the hubby. 

We devoured some steaks at Longhorn Steakhouse and went grocery shopping. Just call us party animals. 

Sunday morning, we were off to church. They had some fun activities set up outside – I just love all our church does for its families and making our kids just love going here! They wake up asking to go to church on a regular basis! 

The activities were complete with tattoos that said “Rad Dad” and “Dad Life.” Mitchell and Julia got inked up while we hung out with our “church row!” 

And then we were off to Cracker Barrel for some more fun with our “church row!” We spend our Sunday mornings with two other families that we just love!

We made it home and did nothing productive the rest of the day, except call our dads to wish them an extra special Father’s Day. My dad has his surprise waiting for him at the beach when he gets here Friday, and boy are we excited for him to see it! 

I hung my commissary sign. And spent a lot of time washing bottles and pump parts admiring it.

So now, we’re parked on the couch watching Lego Batman and have zero plans until our very early bedtime. 

That wraps it up! A lot of pictures and not a lot of words. The last picture is literally my view as I click ‘publish’ on this post. How blessed we are. We had a pretty amazing weekend for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year! 

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