Baby Favorites – Months Two and Three

I wrote about what we really used with Aubrey in her first month, and since then, she’s already grown and changed so much! Here is what we are really using with Aubrey in these second and third months. There is just so much baby gear that you seem to buy and don’t ever use, but this gear is third baby tested, approved, and loved by us!

Here we go! All of the links for baby gear we’re using are right above for your baby shopping convenience. Because who has self control when there is a cute little baby to shop for? #notme! We switched Aubrey from the Soothie pacifier that we were using from the hospital to the NUK. It was actually Mitchell that found one of these pacifiers from Julia laying around the house and stuck it in her mouth. And it stayed. She didn’t spit it out. So thanks, Mitchell. Guess she’s a NUK pacifier baby like the big kids were. With all of our travel and prior to her big move, Aubrey was sleeping in the pack&play basinet every night! It’s safe, flat, and essentially a portable crib so I was hoping for minimal transition issues to the crib. Spoiler alert: no transition issues! I moved her out of our room before I headed back to work and the hubby got home from jump school, and she did great! For my peace of mind, we’re using the Owlet Biometric Baby Monitor and the Motorola Video Baby Monitor (currently on its third baby) and LOVING both. But, (knock on wood), she literally has not woken up at night a single time in the two weeks she has been in her room. Nine hours straight, like a champ. I credit a lot of this to the SwaddleMe swaddle pictured above, though I know rolling is in the sort of near future, so I’m looking for a good sleep sack to transition her to in the coming months! Since Aubrey is a girl (old news, I know), it’s been fun to buy her a few little girly things! I snagged another Little Unicorn muslin swaddle. I love these because she can be in her pajamas (she always is) in her carseat. Toss this on top of her and she’s cozy and you look totally put together! Until someone asks to see her toes and you’re all, “my baby has been in the same footie pajamas for two days now.” The Chewbeads are also a new discovery I’m loving! I knew I needed a pacifier leash when we were traveling, so we could easily find her pacifier without it falling to the depths of the car cracks. I have never loved the fabric ones that seem to get yucky so quickly. When I saw this one with the butterfly, I just loved it! It clips right on the carseat strap, baby wrap, or clothes (footie pajamas if you’re Aubrey), and keeps track of that pacifier! (She has an unleashed pacifier for sleeping, not to worry). It’s paid for itself in the number of pacifiers we tend to lose. Mitchell was able to easily give Aubrey her pacifier while we were traveling in the car – I just told him to find her butterfly! I had to get the matching carseat teething toy, which isn’t quite a “must have” quite yet, but it’s already on there because it’s cute! The Boba wrap has been SO handy and SO necessary, especially since I was parenting three kids solo for awhile and Aubrey is simply too much of a princess to be set down during any evening time hour. Specifically, she wants to be held, while standing, and bounced. I just throw her in the wrap and she’ll sleep for a few hours in there. Enough time for me to get the dishes/laundry/etc. caught up! We would quite literally have to change our lifestyle or approach to parenting without the BOB. We use it multiple times a day and it make things possible for me with the hubby gone that would not be otherwise. And who wants to be cooped up in the house with these crazy kids? Not I! I would buy it 100 out of 100 times again. The carseat adaptor was well worth its money because we can stick Aubrey’s carseat right in it! Mitchell likes to sit in the footrest area, so when we’re doing something like walking to the pool, it really becomes a triple stroller for us! The Covered Goods nursing cover goes everywhere with us on Aubrey’s carseat, and I use it daily so that I can nurse her in public completely covered – still with a spare hand to chase the big kids with! I talked last month about the Fisher Price swing/bouncer that was going strong on it’s third baby. Well, I must have jinxed myself, because our swing died. BUT! The reason I tell you this is to rave about the Fisher Price customer service for a minute. I called the company (thinking I would  maybe get a new motor or even just at 10% off coupon for another swing). I spoke to someone right away, who offered my choice of a brand new swing or a full refund. Feeling a little bad, I reminded them that it was on its third baby and we’d had it for over three years (I didn’t mention that it’s gone through three military moves too, ha!). But she assured me that their products are better quality and it would be replaced. So, after that little interaction, I would highly, highly recommend any Fisher Price baby product! The bouncer has a few of Julia’s lipstick stains on it (that girl and her love of stealing mommy’s makeup), but is still in great shape! 

So, there you have it. And some smaller product recommendations that we are currently using – Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Wipes (I really don’t like the Huggies!) are our faves. The Pampers diapers aren’t big and cushy and we never seem to have blowouts. Except when I put her in a Size 2 because we have a ton of those we don’t have a single Size 1, ha! She has had zero transition issues to the Tommee Tippee Bottles while she is at daycare, and goes back and forth without seeming to notice. And last, but certainly not least, there is no such thing as too many footie pajamas. I’m pretty sure her school thinks I never dress her in real clothes! Happy Monday, friends! 

What am I missing? What do we need for the few months coming up?! 

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