I Can’t Know

Today our big boy that gave us the names mommy&daddy turns four. Four years of praying that we’re bring the best possible parents we can be. Teaching him right from wrong, and leading by example. Boy, are we far from perfect, but we’re striving to do our best to parent this son that God has so immensely blessed us with. Exactly four years ago today, I was holding our sweet first baby in one arm and calling the hubby on Skype, excitedly and nervously, with a shaky hand. He sat in Afghanistan thousands of miles and a war zone away. I still remember his smile the first time he laid eyes on our son. Being parents is the greatest thing we have ever done. Motherhood is my jam. Mitchell makes our hearts explode into a million pieces of love and happiness. I couldn’t even begin to recap our favorite memories with this four year old, but at the tip top of that list is the day that our Marine returned home safely from Afghanistan and we were a family of three for the very first time. For the rest of the memories, I’ll direct you down and to the right into the blog archives. 🙂 

This boy is the sweet to Julia’s crazy. He’s my rock and all the snuggles I need when his Daddy is off playing Marine. Being his mommy is so, so full of joy. And he is so. much. fun. When we drive by a carwash, he always tells me our car is dirty because he loves a good carwash. When you ask him something and he doesn’t know the answer, he always says, “I can’t know” instead of “I don’t know.” That might be one of my all-time favorite things about him. A few weeks ago I told him we were getting pancakes at McDonald’s (we don’t go there a lot), and it took me awhile to figure out why he thought we were going to the farm to get pancakes. He thought we were going to Old MacDonald’s farm! Everyday when we drop Julia off at school, he gives her a big hug, and a very serious look, asking her if she’s going to be a good girl that day. When we’re in the car and we’re driving to a “tunnel” (bridge), he always reminds me to duck so I don’t hit my head. I could go on and on about the little ways he makes me smile during the day, all day, every day. 

And we how perfect is it that my favorite son shares a birthday with one of my all time favorite people?! Read more about Lindsay HERE, but we’re wishing her a big old happy birthday – and as tradition, she’s spending her birthday weekend with us celebrating Mitchell. So much love for her amazing, selfless, wonderful, beautiful self. I STILL have your black dress that I forgot to return again and we love you so darn much, Lindsay! 

It’s only a quick post. We dropped Mitchell for a quick morning at school (he reeeeally wanted to go to water play and see all his friends for his birthday!), but we’re picking him up for some hockey, an afternoon of no sisters – just mommy&daddy, picking up Grandma from the airport, and all the ice cream and cake he could imagine today! Here’s to year five of parenting – may Mitchell have all the fun and we have all the patience! 🙂

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