Three Months of Aubrey Jean

Look at me with an on time monthly post! It’s almost like I’m prepared for Mitchell’s birthday party tomorrow. (I’m not). This month was all about change for Aubrey and she handled it like a true military kid and all around champ. We went from snuggles practically every waking hour of the day to transitioning to the big kids’ school as I returned to work. This tore me up a little, but after her first week, Daddy came home from some military training and was able to step in for Mommy, which definitely made things a little easier. She’s our perfect petite little thing. Aubrey still wasn’t ten pounds (soooo close!) at two months, so when she transitioned her to daycare, and thus bottles during the daytime, we started packing in the formula calories when we have the chance during the day! I’m hoping this is the month that those leg rolls explode on her little chicken legs! We love her new teachers to pieces, and she’s right where we know she is safe and happy during the day. She’s getting so alert, and I find her fixating on my phone or the computer screen when I’m typing away at the blog with her on my lap. It feels funny having a baby stare at a silly screen instead of me all day, so when I notice it, it’s been my cue lately to close the computer and stare into those beautiful blue eyes of hers. I’ve noticed she’s started to get really fussy for two things – before it was always hungry, but now she’ll pitch a little fit when she is ready for a nap! 

Aubrey is currently in Size 1 Pampers Swaddlers. She is wearing 0-3 month clothes. She’s still small enough for newborn clothes, but she’s getting too long. They grow tall so quick, I tell ya! She has the tiniest little bald circle on the back of her head where she sleeps, ha! She’s starting to throw her feet up in the air and kick them to the side, so I think rolling may be in her near future. I’ve started carrying her around facing out because she wants to see everything. She will flash the biggest smile at anyone who talks to her in a baby voice and I will never, ever get tired of that. She’s a champion burper after she eats – one pat and out it comes. She has spent 95% of her life in sleepers, and matching bows, of course. The big kids are obsessed with her and are always asking to hold her. Julia gives her the biggest bear hugs about 20x a day, and Mitchell is just the sweetest big brother you could ever imagine. Sometimes, he shares his very favorite (has carried it around every single day of his life and knows the identical replacement we often try to switch out in two seconds flat) blanket with her. They are in for some serious fun when she gets into the sitting/playing stage! She’s 100% in her crib in her room, and sleeping from 9pm to 6am almost to the second. She never wakes up, hallelujah for that! Her naps are all over the place though, so don’t ask me about that schedule! 

I wrote about the products we are loving this month back HERE. We are officially a quarter of the way to Aubrey’s first birthday, and just typing that is making me want to start all over! Month four, here comes our Aubrey girl!

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