Mitchell’s Fourth Birthday Party

It’s been the best weekend and I’ve only had one day of my three day weekend! On Saturday, we celebrated our big four year old with a neighborhood pool party! It went better than I could have ever imagine, given the minimal prepping and logistical hiccups thrown in the planning process. (1) Thunderstorms forecasted allll weekend. (2) Working late until eleven all week and not having time to shop. (3) My dad’s flight getting cancelled the night before. But somehow it all fell right into place – the thunderstorms held off until evening, my mom came in clutch finding all the Paw Patrol party stuff she could, and my poor dad got stranded in Atlanta for a night, but made it right on time (but without a minute to spare) to the party.
I”m generally much more of a DIY-er, Pinterest-y party planner, but I loved the ease and low-maintenance party. Stuffing the piñata was about the only party prep there was to be done (besides ordering the food!).
We are so blessed to live in such a family friendly place! Our neighborhood not only has a beautiful pool, but it also is connected to this little covered pavilion (which kept us out of the 91 degree sun and the forecasted thunderstorms!), complete with tables for the party! There’s actually a beautiful room with a kitchen you can rent inside, but it was already booked (military training has us planning things at the last minute!), and the blue frosting and 30 kids and carpet probably wouldn’t have been the best decision anyway, ha!
A huge shoutout to this guy. From picking up the cupcakes to unloading the entire car and helping set up to picking up the ice and the insane amount of pizza. We found ourselves snuggled up on the couch late that night watching home videos. It started with Mitchell as a baby, then moving onto Julia, and then our military homecoming videos and it spiraled out of control from there. We were both laughing and of course sappy old me was crying watching Steve meet Mitchell for the first time, and seeing Julia cuddle up in all that camouflage on Steve’s chest after spending 2/3 of her little 15 month life away from him. I was getting all emotional thinking about doing this with Aubrey next time, and a grown up Julia and Mitchell. Deployment, home movies, why do you do this to me?! But thankfully all we have to worry about right now is trying not to eat too many leftover cupcakes.
The party started when the pizza arrived!
All 15 boxes of pizza and four cheesy breads! I guess I forgot to mention just how much pizza we ordered to Steve. So his text messages were pretty surprised and funny when he made it there and they told him how much pizza he was picking up. He was asking me why I didn’t send him with back-up, ha!
Our neighborhood clubhouse comes complete with a big park and rocking chairs. This is the perfect spot to rock your baby and watch your big kids play. Grandma skipped the swimming and snuggled Aubrey girl the whole time, so Steve and I could swim with the big kids!
How cute are they?! Goodness, I love Aubrey’s hair and Julia’s hand-me-down jams!
Lindsay and Maybree drove alllll the way from Pennsylvania to be there! They do this every year, and one year they drove to Florida! (And visited us twice there the year we were living there because we also did Disney!) We reminisced about our days of living in the old base housing here at Camp Lejeune and being pregnant with Mitchell&Maybree and goodness, how I miss them. (And you too, Matt!) Somehow this was the only picture that we got, probably because Lindsay was so busy taking most of these pictures with my camera because she’s a pretty amazing photographer!
After everyone arrived, we headed in the pool for a few hours of swimming!
How cute are they?! Her littlest son is also three days younger than Aubrey, so it’s been fun see them growing together these first few months! Oh, and she’s a super talented distance runner and an encouraging sister in Christ! I will always be so grateful for all these incredible friends we’ve been blessed with.
Mitchell was happy as could be swimming around with his goggles!


After the second lifeguard break, we all made our way to the shade for pizza!



Mitchell’s four year old self had about four helpings!


Cutest little best friends! You may not recognize them without their princess dresses and their daddies in dress blues! ❤
After pizza it was cake time! It was so windy that we just ‘pretended’ with the candle. But he got a little candle on his actual-birthday cupcake, don’t worry!
That’s how I feel about cupcakes too, Mitchell.


Friends since two days old/nine months old! See you in October for your FIFTH birthday, Maybree!


Julia was happy sitting off all by her lonesome, inhaling chocolate cupcakes! She broke her pink glasses last week, so we’re embracing the blue look until we get the pink replacements!



Mitchell is due for his eye appointment now and I saw some pretty cute red ones in the store when I was bringing Julia’s in! But we’ll see what he picks out this year!



When I asked Mitchell at the end of it all what his favorite part was, he said, “hitting the campana!” Ha! So we’re super happy Grandma Brim found this awesome Paw Patrol Marshall piñata for the kids!


That about wraps it up! I’m officially sold on the not-at-your-house, mess-free birthday parties! Our gift to Mitchell is six week of Learn-to-Play-Hockey this summer! Can’t believe this boy is already skating! A huge, giant thank you to everyone who spent their afternoon with us making Mitchell (and our whole family!) feel so special and blessed! We love you all!

2 thoughts on “Mitchell’s Fourth Birthday Party

  1. What a FUN birthday party! Happy fourth birthday to your little man! I swear time flies so, so fast. I can't believe we're going to have a 3 year old this year!


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