Fourth of July & Belly Sleeper

Happy Fourth of July from the Martin family! Today exactly seven years ago, we were getting engaged, which easily made this forever one of my favorite holidays. We are off to a concert and fireworks for the Fourth with some friends, but first, it’s nap time! And time to go cry in the closet because our tiny little baby is so, so grown up! This little thing went from sleeping out of the swaddle to a full on roller and belly sleeper in the last week. How?!

This picture up above just makes my heart so happy. Not only am I completely biased and think she is just the cutest baby on the planet, but that trunk up there belonged to her great grandparents Aubrey Mitchell and Betty Jean Brim – hence the name Aubrey Jean. More on that HERE, but there’s a lot more history to that picture than just our sweet sleeping girl. 

The new sleeping routine is definitely an adjustment for us all. She’s so fascinated with this new concept of rolling that our once lay-her-down-and-see-her-in-the-morning sleeper now automatically throws those tiny little feet up in the air and plops on her belly. And then immediately regrets the decision. And wants out. So it’s taking a little longer to get her down these days, but I’m sure that’s only until she figures out she can roll back! She’s moving and shaking so much at night that she ends up with her feet facing another direction and on the opposite side some mornings! 


On the topic of new milestones, we pulled out the kids’ play mat and Bumbo seat – both of which she is now using! I was shocked that she was suddenly big enough! We are fighting our first runny nose, and to be honest with you, after her first three weeks in daycare, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Droolin’ like a fool, too, so we’ll see if we have any teeth coming in soon! We’re only two weeks past my three month update, but good golly, she’s grown so much this month already that I just had to get it up here! So there you have it, off to enjoy our Fourth of July and engagement-versary with our Marine home this year! 

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