Thea Rose

Last weekend, we were invited to attend the baptism of Steve’s little goddaughter, Thea! We met the Roxby family back in the bootcamp and early Marine Corps days, and we’ve been through the thick and thin ever since! These last few years have been especially exciting, because three of us families who are particularly close managed to have a collective six girls in just over two years. We hadn’t had a chance to see each other’s littlest babies, or our big girls at big girls, so we hopped in the car and shot up I-95 for a special weekend together!

For once in our lives, we were early and I wasn’t freaking out that we hit every red light and Steve telling me to chill out because we have plenty of time, and generally arriving somewhere in between the ‘we’re late’ and ‘we’re early,’ in the ball park of on time. Seriously, our struggle every Sunday morning. So we sat in the car for a bit. I think Aubrey is starting to figure out just how crazy this family of hers is. 

THOSE EYES. I can’t get enough of her. 

Our friends showed up and we admired each other’s brand new babies. And how big our big girls have gotten. And the husband’s uniforms looking a little more fancy every year with new ribbons and shiny things. (I guarantee you he’s rolling his eyes as he reads this). And we admired this beautiful church and those gorgeous red doors, just begging to be photographed. 

The husbands lookin’ pretty good in those uniforms! 

And a lot less tough holding those sweet girls of theirs! 😉

She always smushes up my cheeks, looks me in the eye through those glasses (usually covered in stolen mascara), and tells me, ‘I gonna give you a po-nee-tail, Mommy.” And then proceeds to yank my hair. So annoying, but so darn cute. 

The guest of honor, and Steve’s goddaughter, Thea! She’s six months old and as sweet as can be. I just love the trim on her dress!

Then we headed inside the church, where Julia made herself right at home. Y’all, she had me DYING. Our church usually prays twice. At the beginning and at the end. Every once in awhile they’ll throw one in the middle of the service, but this was much more traditional. On top of that, Julia never comes in the actual service because I’m pretty sure there are more kids than adults on any given Sunday back home and it would be a zoo if it weren’t for the children’s ministry. (Exaggeration, but not by much, y’all. Kids. Everywhere). So, being new to the adult church scene, every time it was time to pray, Julia diligently clasped her little hands together and closed her eyes, and started praying her own little prayer out loud. Loudly. “Thank you Jesus, for my fam-i-weeee, for my fwiendsssss, for my Kenn-e-deeee, for my foooood, and doughnuts. AAAAA-MEN.” (Kennedy is her little preschool friend). Her sweet little voice was singing that heartfelt (and hungry) prayer right over the pastor. Girlfriend’s personality and will to do everything herself and sweet spirit was ringing proud and loud in the basement of that church – her listening, however, is an ever-work-in-progress. 😉

Everyone was out of their church clothes and back to normal about ten minutes after the service. We had a long drive ahead of us, but not before we snuck a few more Thea snuggles and the hubbies chatted until I cut them off. 

I was just dying over those guys holding all their baby girls all morning! We were sad to say goodbye, as the Roxby family is now stationed down at Paris Island, where Shawn is a drill instructor. But we’re sure to meet again at some point in their careers. After all, we’re only eight years in! Until then, we’ll just have to settle for these visits that seem to keep happening each summer!

We stayed at this cool train station that was remade into a hotel. When we pulled up, it was wedding central, and we were walking in our pajamas past all the wedding couples and at least one bride in the lobby. But we made it up to our fifth floor room, and didn’t wake once until Aubrey decided it was time to get up at 06:00 on the dot. She is as reliable as an alarm clock, I tell ya.

Julia’s been a little needy lately, and rightfully so, I think. Between all the hoopla of Mitchell’s birthday, family visiting, and Aubrey getting a whole lot of the attention, she’s been a little out of the spotlight lately. She’s so tough and in charge and outgoing that sometimes I forget she has a tender little heart in there. She’d been acting extra emotional and sad, which she very rarely does, so I knew she needed some one-on-one time. Some great friends graciously offered to let Mitchell sleepover at their house (their little boy is the same age and they’re best buds!). We knew he would be in great hands and we wouldn’t spend the ten hour drive both ways telling the kids to keep their hands to themselves, and we got to focus on spending time with Julia like she was needing. We let her have ice cream in the car and play in the Chic-Fil-A playground until she agreed to finally come down and watch Sophia the First as much as she wanted in the car. She got her pink glasses back that day, since we had to order her a new pair to replace the beloved broken ones, so she was pretty excited about that too. We loved on her and she loved on her baby sister, and it was just the dose of attention she’d been needing.

She also got to pick whatever car seat she wanted, since Mitchell wasn’t there. She thought that was pretty special. Here she is in the coveted middle seat spot. A view of the road and in pacifier retrieving responsibility reach. They just love helping that baby of theirs.

And here she is back in her seat, ha!

It was a long drive back. We got home and were in bed by midnight on the dot. We pulled in the driveway with sleeping kids, a car overflowing with trip ‘stuff,’ and dogs anxiously awaiting our arrival, just after 11:30. We unpacked that car (leaving it ALL on the kitchen table for Monday night), had the kids and dogs taken care of, and all bedtime routines done in 30 minutes. It’s times like that when I realize just how good of a team we really are. We couldn’t have done this weekend (or had as much fun as we did) without each other, but mostly the husband because he drove the whole way. I’ll be back soon with our news on the Fourth of July, and someday I’ll catch up on sleep. Maybe. 😉

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