Fourth of July 2017

A little update from the Fourth of July before I blink and it’s Christmas. A little of exaggeration, but not by much seeing how fast time seems to be going these days. We didn’t have any extra days off with a midweek holiday this year, but it was a welcomed break for some family time we don’t normally get. We seem to be plagued with thunderstorms for the past few years, and heat. Boy, has it felt like a Carolina July the last few years. We are so lucky to live on a base that hosts and awesome events for military families. This year it was a Brett Young (and Lifehouse), but mostly the Brett Young concert. One of my favorite artists right now, so I was pretty darn excited.  

The Fourth of July is the day we got  engaged – SEVEN years ago!  Best ‘yes’ I’ve ever said! Boy, do I feel blessed that this guy asked me to marry him way back then. I really don’t know what I did to deserve someone as perfectly made for me (and patient) as this guy. Definitely feeling like I married up, and he is the best person to go on this parenting adventure we’ve seem to found ourselves in the middle of in the last few years. To quote Brett Young – in case you didn’t know, baby I’m crazy about you, and I would be lying if I said that I could live this life without you. 😉
This is  was our view from way back. Those big old speakers you see hanging were LOUD! Steve tried to convince me to sneak down to the VIP area for the Brett Young concert since we were right next to the open entrance and he knew how excited I was… but I’m such a rule follower I couldn’t do it, ha!
Somehow we managed to commandeer a merchandise tent for some shade while we waited through the sunny hours. Only to make friends with Brett Young’s merchandise guy and get a free hat, ha! Mitchell’s preschool teacher, Tara, who we just adore, came to watch the fireworks. Along with Mitchell’s best bud Colby and his family, who are some of our favorites! It ended up being a hot and loud, but fun! afternoon full of fresh watermelon and pizza!


Eventually the sun set, and these clouds turned to thunderstorms just in time to cancel the fireworks, darn it. Two years in a row. Better fireworks luck next year, but no fireworks will ever beat the ones we were watching when that hubby of mine officially asked to start this crazy fun adventure of marriage together.

That about wraps up our Fourth of July. I’m convinced a Marine Corps base is the most patriotic place to spend a Fourth of July. It was pretty low key, given we were both getting up early the next day. But it was everything we love – family, friends, and food!

This little blog is feeling a little neglected lately. Summer has us extra busy! Currently feeling like I’m juggling 15 spinning plates and trying my best not to let them drop, in the very best way. The only one that has fallen to the floor and broken into a million pieces is trying to keep all that dog hair vacuumed up! German shepherds and summer simply do not mix! But, all is well in the Martin house, and we’re especially grateful for our time together with our Marine this year. And in the wake of the tragic C-130 crash this week, we’re extra grateful for to have our Marine with us, safe and sound. But also heartbroken for the families of the fallen Marines and sailor, knowing the reality of the dangers of this military life. We are lifting these families up in prayer and hugging our Marine extra tight. Happy Fourth of July and a big fat thank you to all those men and women who sacrifice so much to make it possible for us to sit in our lawn chairs, snuggling up these babies decked out in red, white, and blue.

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