Pennsylvania with the Shanks

An oldie, but a goodie. Had to get these pics up on the blog, because, c’mon. Mitchell in his Daddy’s dress blues. Was back in the last weeks of my maternity leave (feels like forever ago!!!), we headed to a wedding, and were so welcomed by some of our favorite people in the world – the Shank’s! Matt is medically retired from the Marine Corps, and they upgraded from living down the street in base housing to a beautiful mountaintop in their hometown in Pennsylvania! We try to stop there whenever we can, and these pictures do a pretty good job of showing just why we love it there so much! 

This trip was the first time Maybree got to hold our sweet little Aubrey! Look at her holding the baby so nicely! And it literally feels like yesterday that I had a little one day old Maybree in my arms, only weeks after finding out that we had a little Mitchell growing in my belly!

The kids are always excited to see each other! 

Uncle Matt took the kiddos on a little spin around the driveway, and I’m pretty sure Mitchell was ready to hit the trails and try to convince Daddy that we need a four-wheeler!

These two. ❤

And we always steal Maybree’s and sleep like babies. Donut jammies and all. 

I’ll be trying to catch the blog up this weekend and work on some fun photo/video projects, but first, swim lessons! Happy weekend! 

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