Family pictures. I know, I know, I feeeeel like we have a lot of them, too. But – we didn’t have any real posed portraits since Aubrey joined the Martin crazy train. Being that I’m from Kansas and sunflowers are my favorite flower in the world, and that this gorgeous field blooms here for about two weeks, we (I) simply could not pass up a Wednesday night trip to the sunflower fields. (And a kidless Wednesday morning trip to Old Navy!) Now I can get these outdated frames around the house updated with the latest Martin babe and admire my very favorite flower every day of the year!

When we showed up, the place was flooded with photographers. Y’all know that I love playing photographer – squeezing it in between taking care of my family, church&bible study, a full time job, going to the gym, and so on. That doesn’t leave a ton of time, but I always feel such a high at the end of every session – and again when I get them on my computer screen – and again when I deliver them to the families! 


Truth be told, I kind of crashed my friends’ pictures we planned on taking. We originally planned ours for a Saturday and theirs for a Wednesday, but I ended up having to work all day Saturday – leaving me asking them with crossed fingers if we could try to squeeze in all three of us – and all NINE kiddos! Of course they said yes, and of course I have to share a few of their pictures to because I’m just loving how they turned out!

Now to try and decide which of these will make it in frames because I love every one. Steve is voting against the one with his head cut off (ha!), but I just love his smile! So we will see. I’ve got a lot of Aubrey pictures to hang. If it weren’t for the crib and tiny little hairbows everywhere, people might think there are only two little ones running around here! And now I’m off to the sunflower fields again tonight for one last session before they are gone for the year! I don’t know that I’m ready for this end of summer business!

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