Topsail With Grandparents

A few weeks ago we had grandma and grandpa here at the same time! With their pups back home combined with work, they tend to tag team visits and trade off. This particular visit, they overlapped for a weekend for Mitchell’s birthday party – so we made sure to head out to “grandma and pop pop’s beach” before we took grandma to the airport! I thought we might walk down, but didn’t forsee a whole afternoon of swimming, so we showed up in church clothes and totally spaced off swimsuits. They, of course, didn’t care. We made due with a spare pull-up and one pair of shorts for Mitchell, and they played away without a care in the world! 

My dad pulled out the boogie boards for Mitchell!

The view from their deck. I just love that little piece of North Carolina paradise! 

After a swim, we changed back into the clothes we had (Julia was so cute in Mitchell’s dress shirt!) and watched none other than Moana. Is there even any other choice? If you ask Julia, the answer is a very clear, strong no. 

And back to Kansas they went, but not for long! Grandma Brim will be back to North Carolina in a flash – and we can’t wait! 

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