We Love Jesus

“For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.” Matthew 18:20
We’ve officially hit two years since this group of girls got together and started doing life together. We’ve been through a lot together. This raising kids thing isn’t always easy. And the married-to-the-military thing really isn’t always easy. Living away from your family and hometown isn’t easy, either. But these girls have been such a strong source of encouragement and support through every high and low. And a GOOD source of encouragement, because we’re all leaning on God and what He wants for us. We’re praying for each other. Our kids are loving on each other. And they continue to multiply, as we have at least one more on the way!

We just wrapped up the book Uninvited, and now it’s time to take a little break from our weekly study and start planning for our next session! We all really loved this book and its encouragement in how we’re always loved by God, even when the world feels less than loving. Because, hello, we’re girls and we all needed this reminder.

At the end of every session, we try to get all the families together for a fun food event just to hang out. This time, Angel graciously volunteered to host, and Miranda brought the night’s entertainment – the waterslide! Y’all, my kids were around and around that thing probably 50 times each (at LEAST), and they were both passed out in the car before we were home. We were missing a few key members with traveling and PCS season going on, but that’s military life for ya. Our little group originally started in base housing. Our core members drew from our community, because it was missing and really needed a Christian fellowship. And boy, what an unexpected and huge blessing it has been! As two years have now come and gone, a bunch of us have moved away (if you’re reading this, we really miss y’all), new members have come, and some have even moved out of base housing (or just joined and not lived there!)! So, while we still technically meet in base housing, it might be more accurate to call ourselves a Military Wives Fellowship or something now. But each season just keeps getting better and better. Whatever the name, we love Jesus.

The babies hung out together inside and got passed around like hot potatoes.

So, the two on the outside (Aubrey says hi!) are three days apart. The not-so-little guy there in the middle is two months younger than them, and practically the same size!

Julia is very possessive and aggressively loving of HER (and no one elses’) Baby Aubrey.

I can’t stand how sweet these three siblings are. They’ve got different age gaps than us, but all three of these little loves showed up in four years – just like ours! It’s been a blessing to go from just our big kids to three kiddos together. Their momma (hi Mary!) has been such a Godly resource for me for two years now and I am so grateful to call her a friend!

It’s a really good thing that these husbands love having these babes around as much as we do – because they’re outnumbered! Praise the Lord for Godly, loving men who are amazing fathers and a daily example of God’s love. 

So there you have it. We started spending one night together a week, but these days it ends up being a whole lot more than that because we just love all the relationships that have formed from this amazing group! And while we’re only two weeks into our break, I’m already missing them and excited to see what (and the new girls!) God has in store for the next session!

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