Four Months of Aubrey Jean

Well, four months cruised right on by. We’re coming up on that halfway-to-one milestone and I don’t know if this momma heart can handle that for the third time. But it’s so bittersweet because I love this cheery little baby that this girl is becoming! She’s tracking people with those inquisitive little eyes and watching our every move – especially those crazy siblings of hers. She’s always open-mouth smiling at them or looking completely engrossed with whatever they are doing, and I know she is going to have so much fun truly playing with them in no time. And they love her right back. I’m pretty sure they think she’s going to be a baby forever, so when she grows up and joins in on all their antics, they are going to be pleased as punch to make that red-headed duo a trio. 

All of the toys are courtesy of the big kids rediscovering their baby toys in a box in Aubrey’s closet and making sure she has e.v.e.r.y. single one. In her crib. Because, how could she live without? I extra love that turtle toy, because it was a hand-me-down from my friend Whitney (hi!!), who just welcomed her own third baby this week – with pretty much the same age gaps with all her kiddos! I tied it up on Aubrey’s crib a few days ago and she loves looking at it, so I think the turtle is there to stay until she’s pulling it down in a few months! 

Four months in and we’re cruising through the milestones. Meet our earliest roller, Aubrey! She has been rolling for about a month now. She rolls to her belly in no time flat, and she’s rolled belly to back several times too, but not nearly as much. She hasn’t quite realized that it can be a great (and dizzy-inducing) mode of transportation, so we’ve only found her a few feet from Point A so far. I’m waiting for her to make her way across the room, or under the tv stand, ha! Four months has also come with so many sweet coos, and even the start of a few giggles! Mitchell is the best at getting her to laugh, which sends him into his own little fits of hysteria. 

Aubrey has a big medical month – her four month check-up, four month shots, and her first eye exam. Just a routine follow-up, and hopefully this is one area she’s not following in her big brother and sister’s footsteps! Her appointment is a few hours away, so us two are going to make a day of it together! Since I was late to the game on scheduling everything, I don’t know how tall/how much she weighs. But there is NO WAY this girl hasn’t hit ten pounds yet! The last time she was weighed was at two and a half months and she was nine pounds 13 ounces, so I’m fully hoping to see a big fat 12 pounds on the scale, or even more if we’re lucky! She’s definitely our petite little thing. She has a hint of roll showing up in those chicken legs, but if it weren’t for her length, she’d still easily be fitting in those 0-3 outfits! The width is pretty big on the 3-6 months, but the length is right, so we’re wearing a mixture of both. 

Aubrey’s petite stature isn’t reflective of how much she eats, that’s for sure! She’s out-eating me these days, and I’m doing my best to keep up. Since she’s in daycare for the weekdays, we’re primarily pumping with nursing morning and night. She’s happy to forgo the bottle when I’m home all day and it gives me a little chance to get ahead on pumping for the week. That is, when I don’t end up working the weekend – but lately, we’ve been pretty busy at work and it seems like I’m heading into work on a lot of weekends, killing my catch-up days. Since she was having trouble getting over the ten pound hump right when she was starting daycare, I started introducing a scoop of formula in each bottle to pack them with calories and help her gain. These days, she’s going to school with six 6oz. bottles, with one bottle of formula in there. I tell you, this girl can EAT! 

This girl is phased by nothing. She gets smushed with hugs and kisses and love from the big kids. The dogs curl up right next to her and lick her face. She gets passed around like a hot potato on a regular basis. She’s ready for any and all the attention, but it also content to sit back and watch everything around her. I’ve caught her interested in the ceiling fan a few times in our bedroom, but for the most part, she loves watching people move around. She’ll start fussing if I’m sitting on the couch, but when I’m up and moving (which is pretty much all the time), she’s happy. 

Aubrey likes the Bumbo, but we are mostly loving the high chair. It’s pretty light weight and sits her up just right, so we drag that thing from the play room to the kitchen to the living room to the dining room and all around the house. She’ll sit in that thing and watch me cook dinner. I’ve even started putting a few toys on the tray for her to play with! 

Julia is especially enamored with Aubrey. She still calls her “my Aubrey Jean.” I wrote awhile ago about why I was hoping our mystery gender baby was a girl so badly, but I didn’t expect how sweet it would be to see these two together. Aubrey has a fuzzy pink blanket with hearts on it to match the big kids blankets they are still so attached to. Aubrey’s is the only one that’s still soft, since the other two are so worn. Of course, Aubrey isn’t sleeping with blankets yet, so Julia insists on holding on tight to her Aubrey blanket at night for her. ❤

Aubrey is sleeping right here in her crib (minus the big kids and toys) every night. We still love the Owlet monitor. After a few weeks of earlier and earlier bedtimes, I’ve got her going down between 8:00 and 8:30 (yay!!!), and sleeping until either I wake her up at 5:45 for daycare, or between 6:00 and 7:00 on her own. The earlier bedtime is a double win because all three kids go down together, and it gives me a chance to get an extra pump session in before bedtime. 

I’ll admit, I’m still getting in my groove with the three kids/working mom/military spouse thing. I function a whole lot better when things are organized, and between travel and craziness lately, organization has been a whole new challenge for me. Last night, I spent a solid two hours making beds and putting away laundry. When you throw in getting home at 6:00, trying to spend time with the kiddos&hubby, and two weeks of laundry, wash bottles, pump twice, and vacuum, and shower, the evening is vanished and I’m setting that 4:30am alarm clock at 10:45pm! So, lesson learned. Just kidding, I’ll let those two weeks of laundry pile up a hundred more times before it gets put away and I learn my lesson not to procrastinate. The balancing act continues, but I’m only a month back to work and we’ll get there. These kiddos are too much fun to let a little late night housework drag me down! Last night I listened to Mitchell read his bedtime story back to Steve just the way he read it to him. Julia had the funniest, yet sweetest, bedtime prayer, per usual. And Aubrey always falls asleep in just a few seconds when I rub her back just right. They just fill up my heart with so much love. This parenting thing is the best, hardest, most fun, challenging adventure we’ve ever embarked on, and we’re still getting started. 

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