Family Day

This Sunday was the best Sunday, thanks to that amazing man I get to call my husband. (And my friend Miranda, who volunteered to babysit Aubrey!) We kicked it off with church, and I was so blessed to have a very front row seat to the baptism services since I was photographing it. Baptism weekend and photography – two of my favorite things colliding into one to make an absolute perfect morning. The kids were happy to be in children’s church (after Julia apparently tried to dart away in the parking lot, and ended up with a scuffed knee, in full disclosure), and I had that husband of mine waiting in our seats with our sweet little Aubrey. And then I got to google at her the whole service, mostly from the family room because she decided that church was the p-e-r-f-e-c-t time to wake up and e-a-t. After church, we headed home and told the kids about the big surprise Steve had planned – canoeing! But only after some homemade omelets from the hubby. The kids were so excited to go in a boat, and we fished out some lifejackets we had in the garage and about four bottles of sunscreen. I felt so spoiled that the husband planned this perfect day for our family to spend together!

And here begin the cell phone pictures because I wasn’t risking my beloved camera in a canoe with two crazy kids, ha! Here at our military base, there is a marina where you can rent canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and all other kids of fun things for next to nothing. I feel like I have to share for my local readers that this date cost us a whopping $11. We are always in the market for affordable family friendly activities, and this might top the list! 

We got our canoe, and off we went! College rower Kourtney hopped in that thing a little over-confident, thinking about the thousands of miles I’ve rowed in my lifetime. Mommy-of-three Kourtney realized canoeing is so different than rowing and busy mommy Kourtney is a whole lot less strong than college Kourtney. When we checked in, they mapped out the river and showed us the boundaries, which was 2.1 miles upriver. We started to get in our paddling groove (which really kicked in once the kids weren’t sitting on our laps trying to help row), and off we went. 

2.1 miles later we made it to the little fishing hole and turning back point. We took a little break on the bank and stretched our legs (and reapplied sunscreen). The kids got their feet wet, and we headed back. Already tired and against the current, ha! But the way back seemed a little easier. I think because we had the technique somewhat down at that point.

It became sort of a game to see how many Disney songs we could sing that applied to what we were doing. i.e. Under the Sea… Moana’s How Far I’ll Go, and Mitchell’s favorite that he was singing over and over… Just Around the River Bend. Ha!

We pulled out the snacks on the way home. Apparently all that rowing made the kids work up quite and appetite.

Julia was passed out at my feet in no time once that cute little belly of hers was full.

This family day was such a fun memory made, and I know I’ll be holding onto it for awhile. We have a lot of goodbyes, separation, and missed milestones on the horizon for us, so we’re just soaking up the time with everyone together while we can.

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