Beach Day

This weekend was chock full of fun stuff. So much that I’m not really sure where to start. So why not start with the beach? Saturday night we found ourselves sat our friends’ house and for a yummy dinner. When I say nearly all of our friends are moving, I really mean it. Darn PCS season. Luckily, the Beards didn’t move too far – just a lot closer to the beach! We headed down there Saturday night to see their new house, and of course the guy talk at dinner was a lot of Marine stuff we didn’t understand and shooting, which turned into them making plans to shoot a three gun competition on Sunday. It was about ten seconds after the husbands’ plans were established before we had our own – wrangling these babies to the beach! So while the hubbies worked on their farmers tan (i.e. farmers burn), we worked on our actual tans (chased sandy kids in every direction). 

Aubrey and her awesome bald spot passed out for the majority of our adventure. Can you blame her? What I wouldn’t give to have taken a nice nap there on her watermelon towel with the waves crashing and the salt breeze blowing. Don’t get me wrong – shouting “come back” and playing ring around the rosie with the big kids 457 times is fun too. 😉

Baby girl just chilled in the shade the whole time. I thought she’d want to hang out in the Bumbo, but she just napped the whole time! 

Mitchell also got his new red glasses this weekend, but more on that later!

Tell me Addie isn’t the cutest little beach babe there ever was!

Julia and I had been eyeing that Ariel swimsuit at Target for weeks now. I passed it on Saturday for the third time thinking how much Julia would love it, and finally grabbed it. They only had 4T’s left, but she could care less and she’ll grow into it. We’re in the princesses everywhere, all the time stage. 

Summer feels like it’s wrapping up, which is just crazy. We’re entering the world of elementary school with Mitchell and suddenly I’m feeling a little tied down. That I can’t just keep him home from preschool because I miss him on my days off work. That we can’t just take whatever three day weekend off that we want. Yesterday morning I walked outside and it felt cool, and I’ve caught myself getting excited for fall activities a few times lately. But stopping myself, because I could bask in the glory and sunshine of summer forever. I’m determined to get at least one more family beach day – and maybe even a kidless date to the beach! More on all the fun of this weekend later. It’s the reality of Monday morning and the kids are about to get their 5:30 wake up call. 

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