Last weekend, we had the opportunity to attend an event at Steve’s work Sometimes I think he picked this job because there are parts that channel his inner twelve year old boy, and this is one of them. My husband gets paid to play with robots. Well, there’s a lot more to it. But he does get to play with robots. Last weekend, after our race and swim lessons and picking up some cool new red glasses for Mitchell, we headed back to base for some hotdogs and robots! It’s so fun to see the hubby in his element and bonding with our sweet boy, who just thought his dad had the coolest toys in the world. 

Mitchell was soaking wet from the probably 100 rounds on the giant water slide inflatable they had. Which I definitely thought would be a regular old slide. So the kids got soaked in their clothes, which they were a-okay with. Luckily we always carry sunscreen – so swimsuits were the only thing forgotten! 

Sometimes it feels like our house is full of girls, but I just love the bond these boys have. These pictures are some of my favorites I have of them together to date. And that hubby of mine is so very good looking, if I do say so myself. 😉 

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