A Connecticut Wedding

This past weekend was a much needed little getaway for us. College Kourtney ran with two circles – the rowers and the hockey players. I was in season for three of three athletic seasons, a total of twelve in my four years of undergrad. Rowing is a sport that takes up two seasons – fall is long distance (kind of like cross country), and spring is shorter distance (like track). We practiced (or raced) at least six days a week, a lot of them twice a day. And a lot of them really early before the sun came up. A lot of them late in the day, running up the big hill to the dining hall trying to make it to the dining hall in time for dinner. All of them sweaty. So it’s safe to say that we spent a lot of time together. I was SO excited when I heard how many of us were able to travel up to Connecticut this weekend to see one of us get married! And, with two more of us engaged, it looks like there is going to be more opportunity to reunite coming up! Also, I’m 5’8”. Rowers are tall in case you didn’t notice, ha!

Here is a picture of some of us out for a race on good ol’ Lake Quinsigamond, circa 2009.

The bride (and groom!) are teachers and coaches at a New England boarding school, so very much like the one that Steve and I attended in high school – and later married at ourselves! Both being former college athletes and coaches of some pretty elite programs, it goes without saying that they’re in killer shape. And so very fitting that they kicked off the wedding day running a workout for all the guests! 

This wedding is by far the most logistically awesome one I’ve been to. Since both the bride and groom teach at the school, the entire wedding was there. And I mean everything. Down to the lodging being in a dorm on campus, ha! We had a good old high school dorm room, and I felt like we were breaking so many rules when we pushed the twin beds together. It was a short walk away from the gym, chapel, and reception venue, and the whole wedding could not have been any more convenient. I was laughing and reminiscing on the memories I had of all my dorm mates doing our hair and makeup in a bathroom with a bunch of other girls when we were getting ready for the wedding! 

The wedding day was absolutely glorious. This school is set right on a mountainside and next to a river, and there were wild flowers all over the campus. The views were absolutely stunning. The Appalachian Trail runs right through campus. I was a little confused by the lack of humidity, I’ll admit, but the sun was shining down for the whole afternoon and evening. 

One of these girls is wrapping up her master’s degree and moving to DC (can’t wait to make plans to get her down to the North Carolina beaches) and the other is officially a doctor (pediatrician!) and doing her residency program at Dartmouth. Did I mention that the bride is wrapping up her master’s from Columbia University? These are some strong and encouraging women, I tell ya! 

We watched the sun set over a mountain at the reception, and I couldn’t decide if it was better watching that or this husband of mine dance with that cute baby girl of ours. 

Aubrey tagged along on our weekend and it was unusually calm and relaxing to only have one immobile child to care for. My mom is visiting in North Carolina and volunteered to keep the big kids for us, so we got to do the drive and wedding activities with only one baby! She was our little tag along, and truth be told, it made up a little lost bonding time for us three since Steve was never able to take paternity leave when she was born. And a little extra bonding time at night, since she’s decided to stop sleeping through the last week or so and wake up every few hours (at least). Our first child to hit that four month sleep regression and we’re (I’m!) feelin’ it. 

Y’all. I LOVE THEM. 

There were so many people volunteering to pass the baby around and take care of her that we got to eat with two hands and hang out kidless! I didn’t have to have the hubby cut up my plate like I’m five years old because my hands are tied up with a baby – real mom life. She even had our pediatrician friend changing her diaper so she was in good hands! 

The wedding had so many fun and thoughtful touches, one of which was writing notes to the bride and groom. I had to snap this of Steve’s advice to the bride and groom – that husband of mine is a keeper. 

Our Aubrey girl fell asleep wrapped up in her fuzzy blanket, and we ended our night  at about 10:00 and headed back to the dorms. Why does 10:00 feel so late?! This morning we hit the road pretty early, and should be back in plenty of time to tuck those two babies we’re missing in bed! This weekend was bittersweet, because Monday comes with another one of those Marine Corps goodbyes. Only for a few weeks, but we’ll sure miss him regardless. Thanks to the newlywed Wells for a weekend full of fun and friends that we’ll be savoring for awhile! 

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