Help From Grandma

One of the big drawbacks about military life is that (unless you’re really, really lucky) you’re probably going to live near family. Especially not your parents or siblings or hometown friends who might be willing to help with kiddos on a moment’s notice. We’ve been incredibly blessed to make some close military friends who help out, and we certainly couldn’t have made it through these past four years of parenting without their help. Even with a little help from friends here and there, with two working parents in our family and three babes, childcare is a pretty tremendous expense. Or, we find ourselves saying ‘no’ to different activities because of the logistics of finding childcare. Don’t get me wrong, we love doing things as a family of five, but things can get a little hectic, leaving Steve and I needing some adult time. And it sure leaves us extra aware of the gift of having family around when they are!

We are extremely blessed with family willing to travel to see us. It’s hard for us to find time (and energy) to travel to our hometowns often, so we’re thrilled that our parents throw their dogs in the car and make crazy long roadtrips, or hop on a plane, on a regular basis. Most recently, my mom made the long trip from Kansas to North Carolina (new rescue doggie, Daisy, in tow!). We had an invite to a friend’s wedding this past Saturday, and with my mom in town, we were able to leave the big kids in great hands and make the adult only trip. Man, was this nice. 

My mom’s help started way before the wedding weekend. When she got to town and we were working long hours, she picked up Steve’s favorite dinner and brought it to him at the house. Surprised the kids with a few new toys. Bathed the kids. Took my car in for an oil change before our roadtrip. Folded my huge laundry pile that I hadn’t had time to get to. 

Once we were off on our road trip, she jumped right in on daycare drop-off/pick-up, picked up some pull-ups and a birthday party present for their friend, got them up early and ready to go for Mitchell’s Saturday morning hockey practice, and to a friend’s birthday party at the park on Sunday! Taking care of a sick Julia. She got Mitchell set up with the ABC Mouse program so he can practice his school activities on the iPad. Several Facetime’s over the few days we were away convinced me that they didn’t miss us in the least. Did I mention that this was with a total of three dogs in tow? #supergrandma

Life has been a little crazy lately. Late work nights, work trips for the hubby, and work training for both of us put us in survival mode there for awhile. Throw in making sure we’re keeping up with housework and hitting the gym enough and, whew. We were so grateful to have an easy weekend away! 

And just when I thought I couldn’t ask any more of my mom after watching our circus all weekend, we came home to the house scrubbed from top to bottom. Something that I so desperately needed to do but was saving for Monday night when we got back. Which opens up a night to take these babes for a bike ride to the park and love on them instead of cleaning. The best. 

We’re super excited to have grandma in town for the next month or so to help us and keep us company while Steve is gone! With more overnight and late night work shifts coming up, taking advantage of grandma instead of finding babysitters is the best! (Though, we have some pretty awesome sitters). She’ll be able to join us at church, more birthday parties, and take a roadtrip with us for Aubrey girl’s first eye appointment! We’re planning to soak up as much grandma as we can before the summer ends and she heads back home to Kansas. 

And just because these kids are pretty cute in a picture, they come with a fair share of work, too. Especially this little gal. My favorite little spunky, lipstick loving, Q-tip hoarding, two year old that lovingly calls me ‘Kourtney.’ Boy, do they make life an adventure. 

So, there you have it. A few Monday morning thoughts from the Martin household. Back to the work grind, and grandma is taking a much deserved nap at the beach! 

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