Saturday Morning

We love you Saturday mornings. We’ve got the whole weekend ahead of us – a three day weekend at that! We kicked off this stormy Saturday with making up for lost sleep this week (hallelujah!), lazy morning couch snuggles with our sweet, smiley Aubrey, and a trip to swim lessons – just me and Mitchell! A quick stop at the store for pictures to fill a few new frames I’ve been meaning to hang since Thanksgiving (seriously), and cancelled pool plans to give Julia and I an excuse to snuggle under blankets and marathon Hallmark movies together. 
But, the very best part of the day was the text from our favorite guy saying he was packed up, showered, and on the way home from training! It was only a few weeks apart, but two weeks is still a really long time to be away from your favorite person on the planet! And these guys are almost as excited as I am. 

I’ve been talking all about sneaking in at least one more good pool day before the season is over, but I’m not mad that the pool is closed for weather today. There’s always tomorrow and I’m loving everything about this lazy day. Now, time to go through about 11,000 pictures I’ve taken this summer and didn’t have time to post – because for once, I have nothing to do! Picture heavy post coming (eventually), stay tuned!


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