Summer Catch-Up

I had no intention of saving all of this fun up for a single blog post, but here I am, because how does one have kids and stay on top of things like a mommy blog? They don’t. Or at least if they do, they’re better than me. We’ve been soaking up the family time as much as we possibly can, because it’s a rare commodity these days. Sunday mornings are the one time we mostly are on top of our getting ready game. Though, now that I’m looking at this picture, I realize I did not change Julia’s glasses to match her dress. Things I don’t need to worry about, but I do, 101. 

Here was a Sunday morning without the hubby. Or the kids because I’m sure they were off being crazy somewhere. 

Another solo morning – this time kids included, solely thanks to Eggo waffles. And a little preview of Mitchell’s brand new red glasses – which are currently being fixed at the glasses store because yep, they’re broken. They had a good two week run. 

Another solo Sunday morning. 

And our church’s amazing worship that always leaves me wanting to sneak into the next service. 

Annnnd another solo Sunday. The hubby sure has been working hard lately. 

A Sunday morning that I got called into work at the crack of dawn, and spent the rest of the morning at the gym instead. 

Annnd this morning’s post-church selfie while the hubby was checking the mail that I didn’t check once while he was gone. You should have seen the look on his face when we were on the way home and he asked if I checked the mail. We have very few husband jobs and wife jobs, except the mail. The mail is definitely his job. 

And just in case anyone thinks we have our life together on Sunday mornings, any and all Sunday morning pictures are generally preceded by a tantrum – this morning’s because she got a waffle instead of PB&J for breakfast. Julia logic. 

And onto recapping our lives the rest of the six and a half days of the week. But boy, do I love Sunday mornings and how they bring us together. Aubrey sleeping in her crib has to be one of my all time favorite things. And all time things to photograph because the lighting in her room is beyond perfect. 

My former lifeguard self’s goal was to make these crazy kids ‘pool rats’ this summer. I’d say we spent the first half of the summer more than succeeding. Between the storms and going back to work, though, we haven’t been much in the second half. I’m dying to make it at least one more time before they close for the season. 

And what better way to finish off the pool than taking the long walk home and feeding the ducks?!

I got that commissary sign up there and I finally filled the blank spot with something I love!

We stopped at the Marine Corps Museum on the way home from a wedding we went to a few weeks ago in Connecticut. It’s literally on the side of the highway, is completely free, and has clean bathrooms – plus we were out of gas so double win! We might not have stopped here since we’ve been so many times, but they opened a few new exhibits we’d never seen. We were literally talking a few weeks earlier about seeing a new movie, “We, the Marines.” They came out with this short movie for the brand new IMAX theater at the museum, and wow. It was amazing. It was a little too loud and a little to big for Mitchell or Julia to go with us, but since we were only traveling with Aubrey, the stop couldn’t have been more perfect. We pulled in at 1:55, just in time for the 2:00 show. Aubrey nursed the whole 40 minute movie, so she had a full belly and stretched legs, and was ready to hop back in her carseat and sleep the entire six hour stretch back home! This stop couldn’t have worked out better, and we got to see the movie only a few weeks after it was released! (In full disclosure, the museum is free, but not the movie. Still super cheap though, and the BEST stop if you are traveling through the Quantico area on I-95! So kid friendly!). We’ll definitely be back next year when they open the new exhibit showcasing the wars Steve has fought in! How cool is it that what he as done will be in a museum?! Also, my man holding our baby. Can’t think of anything more attractive than that. 

Here she was about ready to hit the road again! 

Thunderstorms have been a nearly everyday thing for about a month now. And I really love a good thunderstorm. Though, the only real downside is the dogs don’t get to run as much and the pool closes. Other than that, bring on all the summer thunderstorms and front porch storm watchin’. 

Mitchell has been in swim lessons about 14 months now and I personally can’t wait for Julia to turn three so we can get her in them too! And for the winter, when the swim lessons basically become private lessons. Also, the lessons are literally cheaper than a babysitter. Have I mentioned that I love all the amenities that come with this military life?

A little bit of big news… Aubrey’s doctor gave her a referral awhile ago to see a pediatric eye specialist about her eyes. So, last week, this girl and I traveled the long 2 1/2 hours up to Duke University Hospital to see the best of the best. The only reason for this appointment was because of Mitchell and Julia’s eyes – better safe than sorry! I was so shocked when I learned just how badly Julia needed glasses, and I definitely had some mom guilt about it. I wasn’t about to make that mistake a third time, so off we went! This girl didn’t cry a single tear getting her eyes dilated, and was literally the happiest baby on the planet for her whole eye exam. The doctor was awesome and let me use the light and showed me just how they are able to diagnose babies and young children by recognizing how their eyes react to different prescriptions. Well, you’re looking at our future littlest glasses wearer! She is pretty darn farsighted with astigmatism in both eyes, just like the other kiddos. Worse than Mitchell, not quite as bad as Julia. We’re letting her eyes strengthen up over the next year, and then we’re expecting to have three redheads with glasses. So until then, things are pretty fuzzy for her up close, but hopefully that gives her a chance to strengthen up the muscles in those pretty blue eyes of hers! 

Mitchell and Daddy doing birthday Legos at the table. I have a feeling they’re going to treasure this picture forever. 

Summer birthday parties are my favorite ones. 

More crib pictures of this sweet girl. I love her so much. 

Julia is obsessed with finding my makeup. Most recently, the entry rug was covered in pink blush that came out shockingly well. Also, she just told me, “Actually, Kourtney, I love you a lot. But not for real.” She was also calling Steve by his first name at the breakfast table and talking about herself in the third person tonight. Oh, Julia, you literally keep us laughing always. 

Rainy days come with cartoons and couch naps. 

This one was back on Aubrey’s first day of day care. I took her for a quick afternoon before the full week started and she did awesome. I survived. 

I love ending our days with long walks and bike rides. Now that Julia is a pro on her little pink bike, it’s the perfect activity to wear everyone out before bedtime! Though, now there is an empty spot in the double stroller. 😉

This girl sleeps like I wish I could. Except I have three kids and I’m always getting someone something at night. 

I know I’m 100% biased but these kids are so darn cute! Julia insists on wearing a dress every single day of her life and Mitchell is just so go-with-the-flow. And, Pottery Barn Kids backpacks forever – I just love them! If it wasn’t 30 minutes past my 8pm bedtime, I’d hop on over to PBK to scope out possibilities for Aubrey. 

Steve’s work had an awesome family day. I wrote about Mitchell getting to play with Daddy’s robots BACK HERE, but failed to mention the fun waterslide and yummy food! My kids were the ones, and only ones, in their clothes because I’m unprepared and didn’t know they needed swimsuits. Typical. 

Closing down this place on these sweet summer nights. 

More rainy daycare drop-offs. 

Our dinner conversations get downright hilarious when Steve isn’t here to bring the median age over 3 years old. 

Couch snuggles with this girl never get old. 

Chic-Fil-A date for these kids and grandma. Julia’s bracelets a must wear. 

A pool date with our friends. The two cute girls on the right have officially moved to our old stomping grounds of Eglin Air Force Base and we miss them so, so much already! It’s crazy how much has changed already since some of these pictures, and how much I know we’ll miss these days someday. The military has given us some of the best friends. 

Our pups were sporting these cute bandanas when they came back from the groomer, so I had to snag a couple pictures. Loki (the dark one) is my shadow, big baby, third arm. Completely attached to me. Zoe (the lighter one) is our goofy six year old girl that we just love to pieces. 

This little girl is so happy when I drop her off at school! She loves watching those big babies crawl around, and it’s going to be her in a few short months! 

We hit up Old Navy for Mitchell’s school uniforms! Starting this fall, he’ll look like a cute little school boy everyday! I really can’t wait for Julia to start wearing little jumpers and knee socks and mary janes and matching bows – just go ahead and kill me with cuteness! But okay, I can wait, because she’s growing up so darn fast. 

We woke up to this sunrise on the way out the door to daycare/work the other morning. 

Grandma Brim got Aubrey all kinds of new sleepers! She was needing some to replace the three-monthers she’s growing out of. I send her to daycare in them everyday – at least until she is big enough to start standing. They keep her cozy and her little feel covered when she’s playing on the floor all day. All-in-one zip-up lifesavers! There are days she comes home in a third dirty pair, so we’re always, always rotating through sleepers. This shopping trip was much appreciated! 

Aubrey can hold her bottle now. I’m equal parts heart shattered and so grateful that I can multitask and take care of the big kids/fold laundry/etc. during her last feeding. I’ve been topping her off with a bottle at night for sleep’s sake – usually tides her over all the way until morning! 

Last, but not least, Steve just got home late last night from two and a half weeks away. And we were soooo excited to see him. We greeted him with big hugs and a broken washing machine. Whoops. Good thing he’s handy and took it completely apart and put it right back together – fixed! What would we do without him?

So there you have it, our summer in a nutshell. Despite the 100 degree heat index from the last week, fall is coming and we have a lot to look forward to! Start of school for Mitchell, our ten year high school reunion, visits from dear friends and their new babies, and maybe some new Power Ranger action figures to feed into Mitchell and Julia’s new obsession. I distinctly remember watching those old episodes with my little brother and playing with our Power Rangers at about their age, but did not remember how bad those old 90’s shows were until I turned it on Netflix! Boy, have cartoons come a long way. Speaking of cartoons, we have also agreed to make a movie theater night of Leap! So excited! Now I am WAY past my 8:00 bedtime, so I’m wrapping it up and headed to bed. Night y’all! 

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