Five Months of Aubrey Jean

Where to start?! Our baby girl is officially five months old today! So much has happened in the last month! My tiny little newborn disappeared and she’s 100% big baby! Sort of… she weighed in about two weeks ago at a whopping 12 pounds, 6 ounces. She’s 24 inches, so girlfriend is just a petite little thing! Her hair is getting so long, and it drives me nuts that it’s hanging in her eyes, so she’s usually sporting the top-of-the-head pony with a little bow. She will sit up unassisted – for about 10 seconds – and then you have to catch her. More than enough time to snap a picture. 😉 The biggest news is that she has her two front bottom teeth broken through the gums. She rolls with ease now – and has been for about a month. This girl is wowing us everyday with a new trick – all of our babies have been so very different!

This girl’s smile is completely contagious. She likes to be held facing out so she can see everything – just like her big brother and sister did. So, when we’re bringing her siblings into their school classrooms, I can’t see her face, but know when she’s flashing her big old smile because everyone in the room starts smiling our way. She’s started giggling with her smiles, which makes it that much cuter. While her sweet newborn snuggles are a thing of the past, she is content to sit on my lap on the couch and play for the longest time, which makes my momma heart so happy! I can’t think of a better way to spend my nights than kissing those cheeks and staring in those baby blues.

A few days ago, we officially moved up to Size 2 diapers. We love the Pampers Swaddlers and have used them on 3/3 babies. Grandma Brim went on a shopping spree and got her about six new sleepers, since she wears those to school about everyday. Her three month sleepers are too short, but the six month sleepers are huge. I swear she’s got a little belly on her but her clothing sizes seem otherwise. Her newborn bald spot is still going strong, and I’m just hoping it’s covered up by her first birthday!

When I took her to her four month check-up (three weeks late, whoops), the doctor asked if she was sleeping on her belly, which she is, and recommended we move her to her back. I get the safe sleep and all, but you literally can’t keep this girl off her stomach! It’s like her little belly is a magnet and she rolls right over automatically. She loves pushing up on her arms to see everything around her. She does this at school to watch her friends and play with toys. Now-a-days, I’ll find her completely turned around or on the complete opposite side of the crib. Most recently, she’s pulling her knees up under her, so it’s only a matter of time before she pushes up with those hands too and gets ready to crawl! At this rate, my guess is she’ll be up in the crawling position this month, but we’ll see.

Not only did this little lady have her routine well visit, she also had her very first eye appointment. Long story short, her older siblings are pretty far-sighted, both with astigmatism. Nothing crazy, but they can see a whole lot better with their glasses, especially Julia. They sent Aubrey up to Duke Medical Center to an eye specialist to check her out a little earlier than her siblings, because I sure felt bad when I realized just how much of a difference Julia’s glasses made for her. Well, this girl will more than likely need glasses, but not yet. She’s far-sighted (a +3.5) with an astigmatism in both eyes – just like those siblings of hers. Worse than Mitchell, not as bad as Julia. They’re going to let her eye muscles grow and strengthen for about a year, and then she will most likely be our littlest glasses wearer. As cute as it will be, I’m hoping for at least one kid that doesn’t need glasses someday! These red hair and glasses genes are strong ones, I tell ya.

Aubrey is sleeping mostly through the night, from about 8:00pm to 4:30-6:00am. She’s had a few evenings/nights in there lately that were ROUGH, but I’m chalking that up to her tiny little teeth breaking through and not a four month sleep regression. Feel free to cross your fingers with me.

This month Aubrey tried her first bit of oatmeal, and she did great with it! In the next few months, she’ll start trying some baby foods at school, and hopefully this will fill her up a little more and help me keep up with how much she is eating! She’s drinking about 35 ounces while I’m away for a workday, so girlfriend is definitely getting enough calories – she’ll love this metabolism when she’s older, but right now, I just want a fat baby!

So there you have it, short and sweet. We have been so blessed by these five months with our girl, and next month I’ll be in complete disbelief that we’re already halfway to one!

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