First Hockey Season Wrap-Up

And Mitchell’s first hockey season is a wrap! Well, not really a season, per se. We signed Mitchell up for a six week learn to play hockey class at the local ice rink. The age started a five and up, but we signed up our just-turned-four-year-old with special permission and fingers crossed. Signing him up this early didn’t really cross my mind until we happened to be at a stick and puck where a coach was out there and suggested it. A quick peek at the calendar and it fit right into the schedule! 

Steve even got to get out on the ice a few times and be one of the coaches! We just love sharing our love for hockey with Mitchell, and it’s pretty fun seeing him fall in love with something that brought together two hockey-playing 15 year olds thirteen years ago! 

We were blown away at the improvements Mitchell made this summer. He went from skating with the sled to skating around and hitting the puck on his own. Last soccer season was a little hard for him to get out of his shell, so I had pretty low expectations, given that hockey not only requires to be out of his shell, but also on skates – totally out of normal comfort zone! 

Most weeks, Mitchell had his cute little sisters cheering him on from the boards!

And that’s a wrap on hockey season! As far as activities go, we are so happy to have Mitchell in swim lessons year round. We’re amping up soccer pretty soon (big news on that front soon!), so we’re not exactly sure how hockey will fit into all that in the coming months. But we can’t wait to get him back in another learn to skate school and see him continue to learn and improve and smile that gap-toothed grin from behind that helmet cage!

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