Potty Trained Status

These pictures slipped through the cracks, but y’all, this was only eight months ago! That pacifier! Those tiny little baby leggings! Where did my baby girl go? Julia gave up that pacifier about a month after this. She got glasses. Those chubby cheeks disappeared. Her hair is currently down to her waist and she’s getting her first trim here in just a little bit! She’s getting so darn tall, though not quite as tall as Mitchell at this age. She has really taken on her big sister role and welcomed Aubrey with some overly-welcoming arms and slobbery kisses. But Julia’s most recent news? She’s potty trained! 

In typical fly-by-the-seat of my parenting pants status, I’ve been putting off potty training this girl forever. I knew she was probably ready for awhile, but she demanded to be ready about two weeks ago when I was getting her dressed for school and she flat refused to put on a pull-up. This girl told me she was wearing undies to school and she wasn’t having any other way. Normally, I’m up for a battle of the wills with my headstrong girl (which she does not get from me – sarcasm), but this time, I knew she was right and I was just being lazy. So we cracked open the pack of princess underwear we had waiting for this day, she picked out her favorite Ariel princess, and I sent her off to school with a preemptive apology to her daycare teachers. And you know what? This girl came home in the same exact pair of pants! 

In the interest of full disclosure, we pulled out the toddler potty several months ago and prompt her to go when she wakes up and before bed everyday, and she’s great about that. So she knew what she was doing, but I’d been using that pull-up as a crutch because, hello, working mom and no time. That, and she had a wonderful habit of hiding in her closet or under her bed (coincidentally where she keeps her hidden q-tip stash) and pooping in her pull-up, and then telling me. But! Since she’s been in those princess underwear – only one day of two weeks she’s come home from school in different clothes! (And different socks and shoes – must have been a good one, ha!) We’re also still wearing pull-ups at night and plan to continue for a long while, for the sake of my already huge, not folded pile of clean laundry that doesn’t need any extra help. 

To wrap it up, our baby girl is no longer the baby. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that she’s just two, though. Just a little bit ago, she was throwing a tantrum over who knows what, and I told her she needs to get control over her emotions. She then threw an even more pathetic tantrum because she thought I said she’s a “troll” instead of “control.” And she sat there for a good two minutes yelling at me that she is not a troll. It’s always something with our string-cheese loving, always dramatic big girl. Aubrey doesn’t seem to really be much of a tiny baby either anymore, considering we just finished putting together the jumparoo together for her! 

So there you have it, potty. trained. And I’m thanking my lucky stars that she was an easy potty trainee. Or more accurately, just decided she was potty trained. Is this just a girl thing? Take some notes, Aubrey. Julia may be our wild child, but she was certainly nice to mommy in this department! Three babies in three and a half years and only one in diapers, woohoo! 

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