Julia’s First Haircut

Oh, military life. How I love you and dread you all at the same time. We have gotten linked up with some incredible friends over the past few years, who are also SO talented. One of those friends is particularly awesome in the hair and nails department. (Seriously, best manicure I’ve ever had!) Luckily, she’s been in need of a few family pictures lately, so we get to save each other a little money and hang out and chat 1,000 words a minute at the same time! The bad part, you’re wondering? We already said goodbye to another great friend this week, and this girl won’t be too far behind her. So, I just knew we had to get our hair cut soon! I hadn’t had mine done in just over a year (judge away – it was bad), and Julia has never had her hair cut! Those curls hide the fact that it’s nearly touching her cute little butt already! I’ll cut the boys hair cut every week (saves us money!), but I’m not even going to attempt to cut girl hair. We’ll make an annual salon date for us girls as they grow up and call it a day. You know me and not being able to go a single milestone, no matter how small, without taking a picture. So here it is – Julia’s first haircut! 

After – she got her pretty curls straightened out and immediately looked ready for kindergarten!

Wondering what happened to her “crazy hair,” as she calls it. 

At this rate, you’ll find us shopping for her prom dress next! Slow down, baby girl!

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