Upstairs Change Ups

Still here! Since we’re quickly approaching the one year mark in this military house, I figured it was time to get around to tackling this giant empty wall at the top of our stairs. It was barely started for about six months, before it finally made its way to the top of my to do list. It’s still not done. I’m still planning on adding to it because there are so many pictures I want to hang – but that will probably take me another six months if we’re being realistic. #workingmomlife #threekidsinthreeandahalfyears #marinewife #needmoresleep Pick an excuse, any excuse. 

And moving right along to my favorite room in the house, although I say that about a few rooms – the nursery/guest room! I realize I’ve probably overshared this room on the blog here, but I added a few pieces and moved things around, so here’s a little update. Like that pillow. I’d been looking for a pillow that I love for this room since we moved in the house and when I saw that one, it literally jumped off of the Target shelf and into my cart. And it’s come in so very handy when Aubrey and I crawl into that bed for some snuggles during her midnight snack (or two – or three on a rough night). My super sleeping baby isn’t quite as super as she used to be. I’d probably be embarrassed to admit what I’d do for an uninterrupted night of sleep, but on the other end of it, after being away working all day, I also find myself looking forward to our midnight time together with everyone else in the house fast asleep. 

Bald spot on point. 

I moved around this little wall one afternoon!

So I could add in this picture on the wall. Aubrey’s great grandparents – Aubrey Mitchell Brim and Betty Jean Brim. Hence, the name Aubrey Jean, which I wrote about HERE

Some of our amazing bible study/EOD/neighbor friends who I’ve fallen in love with over the past two years moved down to our last duty station, Eglin Air Force Base. We sent them off with a little dinner party, and Meredith was so sweet to bring me this amazing sign! So thoughtful! I just knew when I saw it that it was going in Aubrey’s room – which was part of the reason for mixing up the wall decor! 

And now the real reason anyone reads this blog – BABIES. 🙂 

This girl is SITTING and I’m in complete denial. 90% of her hair is on the top of her head, making for the cutest pony, but don’t let that fool you. She’s mostly bald everywhere else, ha!

I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about these sheets – another one of those things that just leapt off the Target shelf. Like your average mom, I’m pretty sure my impulse buying multiplies tenfold when I walk in that store. Sorry, hubby. 😀

And there you have it. A quick Friday night update because we’re just so exciting around here. It’s the (literal) calm before the storm with Hurricane Irma headed our way. It’s officially September and the pool is closed, so you’ll find us at the park and attempting to do as little as possible in the next few weeks. Rest and relaxation are the name of the game until our big anniversary trip we have planned at the end of the month! 

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