Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend meant a whole lot to us this year. It was the longest time we’ve spent together as a family since last Christmas without one of us working (since Steve was never able to take paternity leave when we had Aubrey). It was our seventh wedding anniversary! It was our last summery beach day until next, next summer. It was our last weekend before school/soccer/bible study/etc. start back up and we don’t have anything on the calendar. So, we spent pretty much the whole weekend outside and together! Steve was out flying in helicopters until early Friday morning, so I kicked off the weekend Thursday evening with these happy kids picking them up from school and hitting the park. 

Saturday morning was so, so lazy! The hubby put the exersaucer back together for Aubrey, and she loves it! That silly little elephant is back with its sound effects that we’ve heard a million times between Baby Mitchell and Baby Julia. We got so sentimental when we heard that toy going again! I’ll get together a 4-7 month baby must-have post soon, but this is definitely on it!

I caught up on some picture editing and blogging with this view on Friday. 

On Friday night we decided to go out to a movie that we really wanted to see with Julia! We saw Leap, which was so good, made Julia want to be a little dancer, and made me want to sign her up for ballet! (Seriously, I already looked into some classes for January). We snuck Chic-Fil-A in the theater for dinner (thank you big ol’ diaper bag) and the kids loved it! 

And then we were off to the beach! We had some great friends out there camping for the weekend, and they invited us out to spend the day with them! It could not have been a more perfect beach day. Since there were so many people out there, we passed Aubrey around like a hot potato, and also threw her in the Tula for a bit, and I got to play with the kids! 

After about four hours and three sunscreen applications on the beach, we headed back to their campsite, where we brushed off the sand and washed up for dinner. Mitchell had his first sleepover with his best buddy, Colby, a few months back. He got to have his second sleepover with him on Saturday night, but this time it was in a tent at the beach! And he loved every bit of it. Us girls headed home and met Mitchell at church the next morning to hear all about it. 

On Sunday morning, we met up with this cute boy at church and got our family worship on. They have a new memory verse at church every month and Mitchell already has his down! Hearing the word “Deuteronomy” come out of his little mouth is just the cutest thing. Another cute word he’s working on? “Constellation.” We read a space book last night before bed and he just could not pronounce it and it was so darn cute! Also, stealing church picture from this week because I failed taking one last week. Guess we were having too much fun after church…..

…..playing soccer and eating donuts! On the way home, Steve suggested we stop by the soccer field on base and I suggested we get donuts! Mitchell’s fall season is about to start up. Every time I ask him how he feels about playing, he tells me he wants to play hockey, ha! He doesn’t quite understand that hockey will start back up in a few months, so we’re working on getting him excited about playing soccer. 

Since we had such a fun day at the beach on Saturday, we headed back out Sunday afternoon and stayed grilling burgers and making s’mores until dark. With friends to watch the kids, us big kids even got to go out and boogie board a little!

We didn’t think we’d squeeze in another family pool day this year, but Monday morning came and the long weekend just kept going and the sun kept shining. So, we made it to the pool for the last day of the season. I just love this place we live!

Julia’s cute little friend showed up in the same swimsuit! Target forever. 

And, happy anniversary to me. Steve cooked the most delicious food all weekend long, and shampooed all the carpets. Forget spring cleaning, fall cleaning is where it’s at! Our house has been so clean and I just love it. 

So there you have it. Our last summer hurrah. As much as I just love every single thing about summer, I’m finding myself getting excited for our fall staples around here. Mike’s Farm, see you soon!

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