Pre-K Orientation

And just like that, our first baby starts Pre-K today. In an elementary school. In a big kid classroom. With a teacher and friends – what?! When?! Yesterday, the three of us attended back-to-school orientation, which was more like starting school orientation, since we’re new to this scene. I was just taking in everything that I could while we were there and trying to keep track of that crazy schedule that is going to be hard to learn. Half days and dismissals at five past the hour? Bus schedules and packing snacks and school uniforms? Two years ago, I had this parenting thing down. Two kids and we were doing the morning routine with our eyes closed. These days my head is spinning. Now we’ve got three kids in three different schools, so wish me a whole lotta luck and sanity every time I try to master that calendar of mine. Seasoned parents, please offer your wisdom! 

I was so overjoyed that the three of us could do yesterday’s Pre-K festivities together, since that so rarely happens – especially in the middle of a work day! So grateful for good bosses and great jobs and this special time we got to have together because of it. Mitchell was over-the-moon excited about meeting his new teacher and the only tears shed were when we had to leave the school to go back to Preschool, because unfortunately us adults couldn’t skip the whole day. I really should have explained that better, because boy was he excited. He’s most excited to ride the school bus to school, and completely selfishly, I am taking him to school on my own today. He wants to ride the bus so darn bad, but there will be so many more days for that and momma wants to walk him to his first day of school. Can ya blame me?

Another new thing to add to the parenting firsts – school supply shopping! We dropped these in the bins in his classroom and it was no turning back. I just know he is going to have so much fun!

And this pretty much sums up how Mitchell feels about starting school. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the enthusiasm lasts through high school!

Not to skip ahead or anything, but now I’m off to start packing for our trip to New Hampshire, for our ten year high school reunion at our boarding school, where we’re hoping and praying Mitchell will be able to attend someday! So study hard, little guy, and grow up slow. There are so many exciting things ahead for our Mitchell!

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